This is a two part series on how you can create an Augmented Reality app using just Dapp and Layar.  As part of this series, I have also included the settings for a sample published Layar app for you to try out.

The first required step is that you download the Layar Player SDK – LayarPlayerSDK26May.zip

Alternatively, you can also download the latest Layar Player SDK at http://www.layar.com/tools/player/, just be careful with later versions as instructions might have changed and this tutorial might no longer be 100% correct.

Within the Layar Player SDK is also included the “LayarPlayer SDK 1.1 Documentation.PDF”.  Please open this file when working on the second part of the tutorial as this is the documentation I work from and can assist in getting everything correctly setup.


The first part shows us creating a simple Dapp app that we will export to Xcode.  This will form the basis of our Layar App.


Part two of this video tutorial involves us copying over our exported Dapp code into a new Xcode project.  Feel free to visit Creating an advanced Hello World Xcode 4 iPhone project with Dapp video tutorial for a more detailed rundown of copying over these files to Xcode.

This is my first Audio based Video Tutorial and I feel I might have moved a bit too quickly :P.  All good, just make sure you press the pause button often so you can keep up. Finally, feel free to view the video in full-screen 720p HD mode if you have any trouble seeing any of the code. Everything should then be perfectly clear :).

Amendment: Throughout the video I included Release AND Debug symbols (as well as both the Debug and Release folders). Perfectly fine to use both during development but prior to release, please remove references to Debug symbols and the copied Debug folder from your project as they are no longer required.

The code that we insert during this second tutorial is:

– (void)loadLayarPlayerWithName:(NSString *)layarName key:(NSString *)consumerKey secret:(NSString *)consumerSecret {
NSArray *oauthKeys = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:LPConsumerKeyParameterKey, LPConsumerSecretParameterKey, nil];
NSArray *oauthValues = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:consumerKey, consumerSecret, nil];
NSDictionary *oauthParameters = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjects:oauthValues forKeys:oauthKeys];
NSArray *layerKeys = [NSArray arrayWithObject:@”radius”];
NSArray *layerValues = [NSArray arrayWithObject:@”1000″];
NSDictionary *layerFilters = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjects:layerValues forKeys:layerKeys];
LPAugmentedRealityViewController *augmentedRealityViewController = [[[ LPAugmentedRealityViewController alloc] init] autorelease];
augmentedRealityViewController.delegate = nil;
[self presentModalViewController:augmentedRealityViewController animated:YES];
[augmentedRealityViewController loadLayerWithName:layarName oauthParameters:oauthParameters layerFilters:layerFilters options:LPMapViewDisabled | LPListViewDisabled];

Also, this is the sample Layer Player name, consumer key and secret key to use within the tutorial (if you don’t already have your own).

  • Player Name: nestest
  • Consumer Key: e4c775db9a1d90377764dd8ba06829
  • Secret Key: 3e69effc36

Create an Augmented Reality app with Dapp and Layar Player SDK Dapp Auto-Generated Project Files

As a special treat I’m also attaching my complete Xcode project. Feel free to replace my Dapp generated files with your own, and use it as a starting template for future Layar SDK projects :). The neat thing is that all the frameworks, include files and everything is already setup for you. Please Note: These include/release/debug folders would need to be replaced when using future versions of Layar Player SDK.

Create an Augmented Reality app with Dapp and Layar Player SDK Dapp Complete Project

Comments are encouraged as I’m keen to update this video tutorial wherever might be required. 😀