Welcome to episode 2 of Creating on iPhone app with Dapp. I will be showing you how to build an iPhone app from scratch. At the end of these tutorials we will be submitting and releasing our funky new app on the app store. 😀
In our last tutorial, we defined some requirements and created our mockups, which were then published to PDF. In this tutorial, we will export our mockups as code, drag and drop the code into a new Xcode project and then finally release a prototype of our app. The very cool part is we are going to do this with ZERO code… I’m gonna go grab some coffee while you watch the tutorial. Enjoy!

Note: Please ensure you select ‘iPhone’ as the Product option when creating a new project in Xcode. The other two options, Universal and iPad will present a different folder structure to you.
File system folders were created in the OS and linked to the Xcode project to further neaten up the code. This can be seen in the attached zipped project files.
Please find attached the exported code files and a copy of the Xcode project.
Bug Tracker Project Files – Episode 2
Bug Tracker Export to Code Files – Episode 2
Our next few tutorials will move away from Dapp :(… as disappointing as that is, I will be showing you guys how to:
setup a SQLite database and how to interact with it
create a layered design, which will be composed of a data layer and a business layer to interact with out database
we will also be creating classes for our ‘Projects’. I will explain this further in later tutorials
Oh.. and the next tutorial will focus on button events and actions, and pushing new view controllers. This will allow us to jump between our views that we created. Very cool!
Mmm…. the next tutorial will be called ‘Linking our view controllers’. See you then. 😀