Ok, tab bar controllers are completely in. Within live preview and everything.

With all these updates to code, comes testing and cleanup, which I’m now working on. I also need to go back over the various minor bug reports and fix all the niggling little issues.

The only thing that I’m tossing up in my mind and can’t decide on is whether to add in audio/video for this update, or release it sooner. I’d like to hear from you guys on what you think? Not sure how long audio/video would take. Maybe another 5 days?

I have a feeling the answer will be to wait, and just put them in??… heh. But will be good to hear from you guys anyways.

I’m also keen to hear about any other minor niggling annoyances that I can clean up in this update.

Not going to give any specific ETA yet, I obviously want to make sure everything is 100% before release. So there is going to be thorough testing involved too.

I’m looking forward to getting everything done :).