Heh… and this is just the start.

Big plans for all sorts of new templates, designs, widgets and plug-ins to give even more options for your Apps.

Ed: Feel free to request new features here 🙂 – http://dapp.kerofrog.com.au/feature-requests/


You’ll be able to open up what you’ve designed in Dapp and continue working visually on the layout via storyboards in Xcode.

Don’t worry though :).

You don’t need to do any fancy Storyboard stuff (for non devs out there) – it just allows you to go in and make minor changes to your project before you push it out to the App Store or forward it on to a developer.

Xcode Projects

Heh, this one is really cool.

I don’t know about you but having to drag/drop files into Xcode can be a bit tedious – what if you could just have the whole Xcode project ready to go?

Open the exported zip file from Dapp, double click on the Xcode project file and run 🙂

iPad Universal

And perhaps the biggest update is of course the iPad version of Dapp – that yes, will be a combined iPhone / iPad app so no extra cost to get ;).

Well, not if you already own Dapp… ;)… New users not so lucky as the price will go up when the universal version comes out.

PS: Pickup the free version of Dapp here – http://itunes.apple.com/app/dapp/id370888555?mt=8

PPS: Also looking for new tutorial requests – let us know if there’s anything you’d love to use Dapp to create and we’ll show you how 🙂 .