I love to write.  I love to teach.

So I figured, why not just teach everyone everything you’ve learnt over the last 4 years on the app store.

And the over 15,000 dollars worth of investments in business and personal development courses, books, audio, videos and seminars.


So I am :).

I’ve already written a large bunch of content of over 20 posts.  Just gonna seed one each day, and keep em topped up of course ;).

The site for this is kerofrog.com

Just two up so far, but yeah, if you want to learn about everything I’ve done wrong! lol…

Then check out the free report on the right hand side of the site.

It goes through the 8 biggest mistakes yer gonna make and how not make them… as I did.. 😛

Some bloody awesome info there, so check it out.

PS: I also put bought some nice pics to put in the report to make it more interesting ;).