All fully tested and currently in review with Apple :).

Xcode Storyboards on easy mode – with Dapp creating them for you!

Biggest news is that we’ve been able to add in the ability for your Dapp generated apps to automatically create Xcode Storyboards for you.

Which basically means you can now create an app in Dapp, open up the Xcode project export and start updating directly on your Mac :).

Great head start for new developers too, being able to create a skeleton of an Xcode project with all the storyboards already setup and connected.

Exported source files now use delegates – better coding standards

Great news for developers and for people looking to get a nice discount when they get a developer to put together an app for them.

Essentially, together with Views and View Controllers now using delegates (instead of pointers) to communicate, and storyboards included – as a developer you can get a nice head-start on the code and have the dull UI bits already done for you 🙂

Dapp 1.7 now creates your complete Xcode Project for you – no more doing this yourself

Sorry! Dapp Universal on the way!… – iPhone AND iPad apps, combined into one app 🙂

Yep, definitely happening and it’s definitely going to be a universal app – so no upgrade cost to you if you’re a current user :).

And of course, with Dapp universal you will also be able to make iPad apps…