I’ve received a few bug reports about a bug that has resurfaced where the positioning and size of UI Objects is not being handled correctly.  In the past, this was due to ‘International’ settings where a comma is used instead of a decimal point to show decimal places.  This was corrected by making sure to return ‘localized’ versions of strings/values.  Unfortunately it is happening to some people again on iPhone 4 devices with latest OS, and this time I am unable to reproduce the issue on my end.

If possible, if you are able to successfully reproduce bugs through a series of steps then please report the issue to us at dapp@kerofrog.com.au

The questions that will help us find the issue are:

1. What iPhone model are you using?
2. Which version OS do you currently have installed?
3. If you have a non-english international setting, which international setting are you using?
4. What are the steps to reproduce the issue? (to allow troubleshooting and fixing)

On my side, I’ll be refactoring and improving the code which might correct some of the more isolated/rare bugs that pop up.