Our crack team of testers missed a code export bug where the View Controller background color is not being set. This has been corrected in version 1.0.1 which has been submitted to the app store for review.

Update: The 1.0.1 release has been pulled back to add support for OS 4.0 Beta iPhones and to fix a bug when attempting to export to code a design with no pages.  I really need to let go the tester responsible for letting that slip.

Update 2: Found the issue.   I’ve done testing and Dapp is now stable in OS 4.0.  I’ll be submitting the update as a ‘crash-fix’ to Apple with an urgent priority.

Update 3: Completed and submitted to Apple.  I’ve also requested priority due to OS 4.0 users experiencing crashes.  Had some annoying delays due to code signing issues, feel free to read the next post for details.

The next version of Dapp will have action support. Allowing you to setup objects to react to user events, such as a button being pressed or a tableview row being selected. A full summary of the 1.0.2 release shall be posted in the next few days.

During this time, feel free to contact us with what you would like to see in Dapp. We are here to provide a service to the developer community, and all feedback is appreciated.