I love to write.  I love to teach.

So I figured, why not just teach everyone everything you’ve learnt over the last 4 years on the app store.

And the over 15,000 dollars worth of investments in business and personal development courses, books, audio, videos and seminars.


So I am :).

I’ve already written a large bunch of content of over 20 posts.  Just gonna seed one each day, and keep em topped up of course ;).

The site for this is kerofrog.com

Just two up so far, but yeah, if you want to learn about everything I’ve done wrong! lol…

Then check out the free report on the right hand side of the site.

It goes through the 8 biggest mistakes yer gonna make and how not make them… as I did.. 😛

Some bloody awesome info there, so check it out.

PS: I also put bought some nice pics to put in the report to make it more interesting ;).


  • I really love your attitude to teach and share your experience and knowledge.

    So here is my idea:

    Why don’t you start a Kickstarter Project to cover your expenses.
    I am convinced there are many people (like me) who would back your project.
    The project itself should include your mentioned Everyday-Postings, Weekly Tutorials in XCode, general app development, tipps and tricks, things the people which to learn, etc. , and not least extending your very pretty Dapp App (mabybe for iPad)

    Think about it. I saw many projects succeed in funding with kickstarter.com quite recently. Have a try! I would really appreciate your attempt.

    • Wow. Man, you rock.

      I was tossing up the idea of getting funding from kickstarter but just hadn’t cemented it yet as a priority.

      Heh, I’d even lined up a family member living in the US to act as my US citizen ‘proxy’ for kickstarter :P.

      I’m gonna make a head-start on this over the weekend.

      Please, feel free to offer advice any time in the future, I love learning anything new :).

      • Is there a company or site that is considered the industry standard when it comes to getting info and resources for kickstarts?

        At the last Meetup group meeting for iOS developers here in Atlanta it got talked about and it was agreed that there is a real void when it comes to bridging the gap between great ideas and the resources to see them to completion.

        Also just saw that recently a girl who got turned down for funding because she couldn’t get to her meeting with the venture capitalists on time…she was 14 and had to take the bus TWO HOURS to get there just to have them slam the door in her face.

        Surely there’s got to be SOMETHING being done to fix this…right???

        • Yes there is what might be called an ‘industry standard’ actually :).

          They are called GrowThink (GrowThink.com) and I’ve used quite a few of their resources which have taught me a lot about raising capital ^^

          One cool thing that they show in their ‘Truth about Funding’ guide is 41 different sources of capital.

          And the ugly truth is that there is capital everywhere, you just need to know how to reach it.

          There are over 9 million (from memory) millionaires in the US (not including their own house), and each of these is a potential investor.

          Just think about it for a second :)…

          These people generally invest in stocks, but only problem is that they haven’t been performing that well of late, and any of these people would jump at the opportunity to invest in a ‘great idea’.

          A big tip!… People invest in the ‘Jockey’, not the ‘Horse’. Meaning they are more looking at you than the idea… If you have a great idea, and you get them to like you then you are most of the way there :).

          Now, the problem with Venture Capital is that it is VERY VERY hard to get, and they generally only invest in existing businesses with a good turnover and with an expected return of over $100 million within 5 years…. and if that wasn’t enough, they also generally never invest less than 2 million.

          So, what to do then…

          Is instead of starting at the top with the hardest source of funding, go from the bottom!!! 🙂

          So, from easiest to hardest is the following types of funding.

          1) Quick Loaners
          2) Crowdfunding (Recommended option for App Devs)
          3) Creative Funding
          4) Social Lending
          5) Financial Manoeuvring
          6) Bank Lines & Loans
          7) Grants
          8) Individual Equity (Angel Investors)
          9) Institutional Equity (aka Venture Capital)

          Ok, so quick loaners are family members, friends etc… 🙂

          (NOTE: I realise now in your question that you were asking about info on ‘kickstarts’ ie: crowdfunding. Growthink have this covered too :), but I leave this info here for other readers anyways)

          But a really cool new way to raise money is CrowdFunding!… Totally awesome way to raise money for an app… there’s a ton of crowd-funding sites, but check out http://kickstarter.com :)… which is the biggest.

          I just saw a guy who needed $20,000 to build his app rake in over 80k in funding.

          Rather than explain how it works you can get more info at kickstarter.com where you can see how it’s done, and you can also get a guide on it from GrowThink, which they generally charge $99 for. (PS – is worth it ;))

          If you see that girl again, tell her not to lose heart :)… Venture Capital is the hardest form of capital to raise, in fact (from memory!) approximately less than 1% of people applying for venture capital get funding!!

          She has many many other options, all better than VC funding.

          In fact, VC’s will take a big chunk of your equity, soooo not worth it.

          Apart from crowd-funding, there is also Angel Investing which is where all those millionaires come into the picture.

          The trick is to not go down the usual routes to get in touch with them, but to use other methods to reach them… basically, the lesser known paths.

          This is important because the prominent Angel Investors out there get BOMBARDED with business plans…. but by reaching someone on the sidelines, you stand out and get attention.

          But yeah, definitely crowd-funding, and I have a feeling that the girl (sorry, don’t know her name) would have great success with crowd-funding… because crowdfunding is based on human emotion (what they like), and a young girl of 14 putting up an idea on crowdfunding (if presented well) could be a big hit.

          You know what guys, you have a meetup group of iOS developers, why don’t you pool your resources together to put up your ideas on KickStarter… I’m sure there’s at least one person who knows how to make a kick ass video, and someone else with kick ass graphics skills + sales/marketing etc.

          (Growthink will teach you the exact strategy on how to do this too in their Crowd Funding Guide)

          Wow, powerful stuff.

          Just send me a free promo code of the apps your group makes from the funding you all get :)… and a t-shirt would be nice too! 😛

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