Well, this is exciting.  I will be showing you how to build an iPhone app from scratch.  Using Dapp.  Oh!  And at the end of these tutorials we will be submitting and releasing our funky new app on the app store too. 😀

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a writer (anyone offering free cheap writing courses? seriously…), but, hopefully I can be a better teacher. So… what shall we make?….

Originally, I had planned to build a Movie Catalog but that’s a bit boring and has been done 15 million times before.  However, we want to build something useful so I have decided we will be building an iPhone bug tracker.  Why?  Because I can’t be bothered having another program on my computer for tracking bugs and I’m often out and about testing Dapp and finding the occasional small bug that I’d like to note down.

For our initial release, we are going to build a very simple version of a bug tracker. So, with an exciting working title of ‘Bug Tracker’, our first step is to jot down our requirements.

Bugs will belong to projects, with each project having a collection of bugs. Projects have the following requirements:

  1. We must be able to add new projects
  2. We must be able to delete projects
  3. We must be able to edit projects
  4. We must be able to view existing projects
  5. Projects must have a title field

Using these as our base requirements, we can move on to the next step and use Dapp to design some of our mockups.  Now, a friend of mine recently asked me ‘what is a mockup?’… so, in answer. A mockup is a design you create that shows what each screen in your app will look like. A mockup also goes a step further, by showing us the different states of a screen.

The following video will show us how to use Dapp to create our first mockups. You will note that the first two pages we create in the video show the same screen – ‘Project List’ with two different states (standard and edit).


  • Notes were added to every page
  • The back button in ‘Edit Project’ and ‘New Project’ was changed to a cancel button
  • The done button style in ‘Edit Project’ and ‘New Project’ was changed to ‘done button style’.  Sorry, that’s a bit confusing, but I will explain this in the next episode 😀

Published PDF

At the end of our video tutorial, we exported our project to PDF.  Check it out here.

Bug Tracker Episode 1 PDF Export

Question: But hey, what about convert to code?

We will move on to this in the next video tutorial episode.  It should be fun. 😀


  • When do you expect version 1.1 to be approved? WILL iphoneOS 4BE supported shortly after Apple releases the final?

    • Currently approval times are around one week. Most likely version 1.1 will be approved next Monday or Tuesday.

      Dapp has already been tested on OS 4.0 and runs correctly.

  • If I have many pages in the current version, and I update next week, can I import the same project I’m working on and just start using the new Dapp features? Waiting for that action support!

    • Updates to applications do not affect the database in Dapp that is holding your data. We have tested this on our end, and you should be able to upgrade Dapp and continue working as usual. Should you find any bugs in the current or future versions of Dapp, then please feel free to contact us via our contact page to notify us of the issue.

  • I can’t follow this tutorial because dapp has changed since 1.4.

    Plues it has no audio and moves too fast. I had to play it at 1/4 speed on youtube and still had trouble.

    • Yep, I suck! :S… lol… old vid that I should perhaps get rid of.

      From now on, any more vids I make will have full audio… so no more being lazy with subtitles ;)…

      One of the reasons they go to fast was me trying to squeeze it all in 10 mins… prolly not the best idea. I think I’ll just spread them to multiple parts as necessary in future… or look at whats needed to send up vids longer than 10 mins.

      For now though, make use of the pause button to keep up with what’s going on. On my side, I’m going to redo these older vids and replace them as soon as I can.

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