Finally ;). Apologies to our users that have been waiting a long time for Tab Bar Controllers. But, they are now available! I’ll try to get out a video tutorial on how to use them out today.

But that’s not all, I’ve also expanded the way table views work. No more duplicate rows for each section. 🙂 You’ll also find that you can now set individual images and other settings for each cell.

Something else that should have been in there a long time ago is transparent images. Yep, you can now use transparent images :). Just drop in your image files via iTunes file sharing and away you go. Dapp supports either jpg or png image files.

I’ve also included a new Dapp backup option that you can find in the ‘settings’. Backup Dapp as often as you like. You can then access your backup via iTunes file sharing and save it in a safe location. This will especially be great news for users that have a new iPad or iPhone and need to shift Dapp to a new device.

I’ve also gone through and added some more helpful info for various properties that should make things easier to understand. That and various minor tweaks.

I’d just like to say thank you to the testers that helped out to make this update of Dapp bug free… and of course, to all of our wonderful users that have provided feedback (not always positive ;), which is cool) and supported Dapp.

Also, each new update resets the reviews for Dapp :(. So I’d be soooo grateful if you could leave a quick rating or review of Dapp. The link is below, and it should only take up a few seconds of your time :). Thank you!

I’m currently in the process of updating the Dapp and Manage websites to provide much more information on what’s going on. Also to allow you guys to participate more and tell me what you want to see in Dapp! 🙂 Well, apart from an iPad version, that I’ve been flooded with requests for. I’ll make sure to keep you guys up to date on how that’s going too.

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