Just doing a final day of testing, thank you to the testers that have been helping out! 🙂

I plan to send Dapp up to the app store by this time tomorrow. So expect it to be available in approximately one weeks time.

Just to recap, I’ve added –

  • Support for transparent images.  To use them, drag images (.jpg or .png) to your Dapp folder using iTunes file sharing.  It’s advised that you keep your images as small as possible (file size), due to the limited device memory on iPhones/iPads.
  • Advanced table views.  Sections within tableviews now support different rows for different sections.  No more repeating rows :).  I’ve also added in specific support for images, detail text, detail text color, push target and accessory view options for each individual table view cell.
  • Backups.  You can now backup your dapp DB and image files to your Dapp home folder, which can be accessed through iTunes file sharing.  Great news for users who switch over to an iPad or get a new iPhone.
  • TAB BAR CONTROLLERS.  Yes, this one has been a long time request.  I’ve made them very simple to use :).  Just go into design options, select the tab bar controller and the rest is explained for you.

I didn’t end up adding images and video for this release.  I’ll see if I can add a tutorial on how to do this in Xcode for you guys that were keen to see this feature.


    • I must admit that this has been flipping back and forth :(. First up it was a separate iPad version, then a universal version and now I’m leaning back towards an iPad version.

      An interesting discussion on this is here: http://blog.lescapadou.com/2010/09/why-you-dont-want-to-make-universal-app.html

      For me personally, doing a separate iPad version would be easier, and I don’t want to dissuade myself from getting it done. Soo… perhaps 70% chance it will be separate iPad version, 30% universal.

      I guess the other consideration is that an iPad version would need to support split view controllers and popover controllers, something that might be more difficult in a universal binary.

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