• Want to see a certain feature in Dapp?  Then vote below!This will help me choose what to add next.  If a feature you would like to see is not listed, then please
    leave a comment and I’ll add it. 😀

    Otherwise you can contact me directly at:


    I check my emails every morning, so you should get a very speedy reply :).

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79 thoughts on “FEATURE REQUESTS”

  • How about a modal window setting that hides the tabbar and navigation bar?
    For the navigation bar, how about Left and Right button actions? And a style that makes the left button look like the bread crumb button.

    Awesome app BTW. Thanks.

    • Hmm… a modal window setting that hides the tabbar and navigation bar? Could you give more info? I’m assuming this perhaps means being able to hide the Navigation Bar on certain Pages (View Controllers).

      Mmm… good old limitations. I never put actions on Navigation Bars because ultimately, they are replaced by a Navigation Controller. Hmm… I think the best option here is to have a Navigation Controller page setting that you can then specify left and right button actions. That would work. 😉

      That bread crumb button isn’t accessible :(. But, I have seen posts online that refer to ways to create a lookalike button… so it could be **hacked** in.

      I’ll add the last two suggestions to the list and wait for more details on hiding tabbar and navigation bars. 😉

  • Certain actions require a modal view (presentModalViewController). The way I would do this would be to create a new page in your app and then put the controls on it. When the user clicks a button, I would then like to display this page without the nav bar at the top or the tab bar at the bottom. But I don’t see anyway to hide them while that view is displayed.

    Yes, allowing for the buttons on the navigation bar to be actionable would be a better solution.


    • Gotcha. There might even currently be a bug with hiding navigation bars. I’ll look at adding two new properties in Page Options that allow users to show/hide these objects. I’ll put this feature in the planned updates section.

    • Do you mean like how Dapp adds in a new row when going into editing mode?… or are you referring to the + icon that appears on rows? Ah, I think I know what you might mean. Generally you just need to set your table into ‘editing’ mode. If you give more info I could potentially write a tutorial on this. 😉

    • Hmm… not sure what would be required for this. But let’s see how keen you guys are to have this implemented ;). I’ve added this to the Feature Requests poll.

  • Cliff,

    This app has made an incredible difference in productivity to prototype and design new apps. Well done.

    1. With most apps one uses a palette of five or six colors that form the basis of almost all objects. It would be a great help to be able to save a user-defined palette of colors in addition to the standard colors you provide to ensure consistent color use on new objects.

    2. It would also be useful to be able to assign the UP (not-pressed) color of a button. The down (pressed, background) color can be assigned, but not the UP color.

    • Both great ideas, thank you! :). I’ve added these to the Feature Requests poll, hopefully other users will also agree that these are good ideas ;).

    • Ok. Adding rows like how it’s done in Dapp uses a few TableView delegate methods. First is the ‘numberOfRowsInSection’ method, which I increment by one if the tableview is in editing mode. Then within the ‘cellForRowAtIndexPath’ method, I handle what is shown when that new extra row needs to be displayed. I also override the ‘commitEditingStyle’ method so I can handle whenever the user taps on the ‘+’ (insert) symbol. Heh, probably doesn’t help overly much so I’ll look at writing a tutorial on this as well. Just follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified when its up. 😉

  • The first page of Dapp consist of Designs & Settings. Will be good to add “Help” where the user can click & get brief description of the apps buttons & use.

  • Any chance we’ll eventually see a desktop version? You have one of those great intuitive apps that works well in a RAD workflow; much better for this than Apple’s own Interface Builder.

    • Down the track sure ;). Most likely as soon as I can hire an additional developer to help out with the work load.

  • Hi Cliff,
    I’ve been reading the backlogs of all the blog updates and comments and wanted to clarify if you will still be updating Dapp into a universal app (making use of the extra real estate on the iPad to develop iPhone app designs) or will it stay an iPhone app?

    If that’s the case, can you address whether Dapp HD (for the iPad) will feature app development/designs of both iPad AND iPhone applications? Having separate applications for each medium is great, but i can see that a common request here is for iPhone specific app development/design using the ipad’s extra screen space.
    A blog post regarding this would be super!

    Thanks for your time and grats on your efforts on a brilliant app so far, you’ve got my support.

    • At this stage, what I’d be looking at doing is:
      Dapp HD: An iPad only version of Dapp for creating iPad Projects
      Dapp Universal: An updated version of Dapp for the iPhone that takes advantage of the extra room on the iPad for an updated UI

      Of course, this isn’t set in stone and may change in the future depending on what resources I have available ;).

  • I would like to see a field to enter the hex number of a color when you are setting background, text colors etc….

    Thanks, great work.

    • Any new updates from iOS 5 in regards to UIObjects will naturally be updated ;). Do you have a link you could give me detailing these new updates to objects?

  • Cliff,
    I just learned about Dapp today: a friend showed me it and I had to get it right away. Congratulations on an excellent product! Thanks so much for developing it. Amazing what one can do with it and how easy it is to use.
    My 2 top feature requests are:
    1) iPad version (which I see is already the #1 request 🙂
    2) Allowing Action Sheet buttons to have target pages: this would really help make the interactivity of Dapp prototypes more complete.

    One other thought to share: if it’s just you developing this, I think you should definitely recruit 1 to 3 developers to make faster progress: I think you have a great opportunity on your hands.
    I was surprised to see that you only had 95 total ratings on the app store. Seems that you could benefit from some help marketing your excellent app, too.
    Happy to chat if you like (I’ve been working in Silicon Valley for 15 years now, heavily involved with startups)
    Thanks again!

    p.s. just learned about your “Manage” app: looks great, too!

    • Yep, thanks Dan. I’ve actually gone ahead and hired a developer that will be starting up in the next few weeks (although I do have him working on a different project first.

      By all means, please get in touch with me at cliff@kerofrog.com.au, I have some potential solutions to the not enough time for Dapp HD issue that I’d love to discuss.

      I’ve added action sheet buttons having target pages to the list of feature requests ;).

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if it’s at all possible for Dapp to realize when the same image is being used and reuse the same image file during export so it doesn’t export the same file multiple times. Dapp is working great, and i look forward to future releases!

    • Images that have been imported using iTunes file sharing will be reused (from memory). But not those from the camera or photo library. This was mainly for ease of cleanup and to prevent potential conflicts.

      But yeah, perhaps another item for the todo list ;). I’ll add it in on my side.

  • Hi, I purchased the Dapp app and so far i love it!!! I will be rating it soon on iTunes. Using Dapp, is there anyway to have an action to prompt an user to upload his/her photo in the provide area???

    • You could create an AlertView or ActionSheet action on a UIButton that could prompt the user to upload his/her photo into the provided area. However, you would still need to write your own code to upload the photo.

      What you want to be using for getting an image is the UIImagePickerController. It’s not included within Dapp but a search online for tutorials can point you in the right direction ;). Not sure when I’ll have the time, but I might as well add this to the list of todo tutorials as well :).

  • I just downloaded dapp. It’s great! Some things I would like to see in the app:

    – Alerts with text input field
    – Define push/pop action for buttons alert
    – Define push/pop animation (choice between slide up/down and slide left/right)
    – Left and Right button actions for Navigation Controller Navigation Bars (already voted on that one)

    • 1. Hmm… an alert with a text input field. That’s a more advanced ‘modification’, as one would have to modify the standard UIAlertView… although I’ve seen it done before.
      2. Could be possible to do a push/pop action after a response from UIAlertView is handled…. hmm… I should perhaps auto-generate the code for this so a user can handle the response from the user in any way they like.
      3. Sliding left/right is in line with Apple UI standards… which makes it a good idea to follow. Slide up/down usually occurs with modal views… the left/right process allows the user to understand that they are moving forward and ‘back’…. The way to get a new view to slide up/down instead could still be done though… hmm… need to be looking at all types of other animation options. I’ll look into it :).
      4. I’ll be putting a bunch more properties/controls in the next release :)…

      Thanks for the suggestions :).

      • Who woulda thought it, you guys knowing what you want ;).

        I’m not complaining! Makes my job easier :).

  • I use the app only for modelling the screen design and show the transitions between the screens. I do not use any of the code export functionality (yet?).

    You are right about the slide up/down being used for modal views. That is basically what I want to use it for. It would help me if I could set the animation type so it looks like a modal view is being pushed onto the screen. Having the two types of animations (left/right and up/down) would give me the option to make it look like a navigation view or a modal view.

    If I could set the actions on the navigation bar buttons together with the push/pop animation, I could mimick a lot more.

    I am looking forward to the next release! 🙂


  • Hey Clif,

    I only have one suggestion and one question 🙂

    I would like to see in Dapp an alert action for phonecalls. If you can generate such a thing would be awesome …

    when shall we expect the next update from you?


    • Very soon, just going through testing phase of another product and then I’ll be back to working on Dapp. Hmm… an alert action for phonecalls. :P.. How would this work exactly?.. where the user can make phone calls from within an app?

  • I would really like to see more standard UI tools included, even if it is just the graphics. Naturally, the more actions the better…

    • Am considering adding some custom objects to future versions :). But yeah, when you say more standard UI tools, which ones in particular?

      I’ve made an effort to include all the UIObject types, so am good to look at adding any I’ve missed.

      Heh, you also mentioned more actions. What types of extra actions would you like? (Saves me guessing ;))

      • For the extra actions, Dev Toy has “Include SubView” wich adds a SubView to the tab bar and “Remove SubView” wich does the opposite. Also, it would be nice to have open URL, send email, lock screen, hide UI element, show UI element, vibrate iPhone, take screenshot, show flashlite, ect… Or here’s a really hard one, but would be nice:
        Edit element attribute. You select the element to edit and you set its attributes to change.

      • I extracted some images from the iPhone simulator like the pins you would find on a UIMapView or some other things. I’m in the middle of giving them appropriate names.

    • I have an entire library of extra graphics you’ll find in ios like the little map man or the pins on maps. I’ll include them in just a sec.

  • A few ideas.
    – be able to use the devices camera to take a picture and then email it
    on to someone

    – be able to use rss feeds

    – with the tab navigation controller, have the buttons and push targets

    – make notification alerts appear on screen when certain pages are loaded, then let the options point to a URL or a page in the app, for example Rate our app in the app store YES/NO

    I will be honest though, I can’t complain. You have built a fantastic app that will have saved me
    So much time 😉

    • Hey man,

      – camera then email: Cool, but that’s a pretty specific feature, don’t know how many that would appeal to? ^^

      ps: Though is pretty easy to implement, heh, is there enough value in that feature that you would pay extra for it (99c)? A bit of extra cash to support the newborn would be nice 🙂

      – RSS: Specific, but yeah, peoples are asking for this so that’s something worth chucking in – imo 😉

      – Tab controller: *scratch* ah yeah, push targets on tab bar controllers are already there, in that you can specify which page you’ll jump to whenever any tab is pressed

      – Notification alerts: Same as camera/email, worth paying extra for?

  • Also, a real small thing, could the iPhone on the PDF exports be changed from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 4… It would just make it look a bit better and updated when showing the mockups to people.

  • Hi, I was trying to use your app to make an equipment hire calculator for work.
    I need to be able to add a numeric value to check listed items with an option for subtotal, total and maybe even a VAT add. Though if the numeric edits included %,+,-,=, etc I could create my own VAT item!
    Just an idea,

  • I’ve been thinking that this would never make it in, do I didn’t suggust it for a while, but I just want to suggust mabey adding a variables feature. Then when a button is pressed, mabey say something like “Variable – variable2 = variable 3″. Or just go full out crazy and turn Dapp into a compeditor to iVBasic (looks cool). Add coding support. Meh…

    • Aye Zoyt, that is fairly low on the list of todo’s ;).

      But eventual DB support is definitely in there… hmm… you’ve dropped the idea though, so thanks for that :).

      Maybe a feature for the future.

  • It would be really awesome to have more features for the maps. Like maybe a starting location? Or the ability to track a user’s movements? Also the actions sheets should have functions, as would multiple buttons in alerts. Passwords are a must as well. Great job on this app, and please keep updating it!

    • Hmm.. been working on a tutorial for writing code to put annotations into maps.

      Some pretty detailed features in there :). Working on adding video and audio support to next update.

      Thx for the suggestions, what I can promise is to continue supporting and updating the app.

  • Hi
    Firstly, great app – really enjoy using it.

    I vaguely remember reading a post somewhere that said you had no plans to generate storyboard code, due to Apple having no public standard for their source files. Which is fine, I fully understand that.
    I just wondered if you could offer an XML output of the data we put into Dapp?
    This might allow someone else to write the transforms to create a storyboard, externally.

    Just a thought.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Looking forward to some updates soon.

    • thx man.

      Yeah, not possible to do storyboard code :(.

      Hmm… but naturally I’m cool with someone else writing the transforms to create storyboards :).

      Only thing is I don’t have a template for XML output that Dapp could read in, but yeah, if there’s anyone out there who believes they can reverse engineer storyboards then I’m happy to setup the Dapp side of things :).

  • I really want to see features with the map, as well as the scrolling menus and text boxes. For example a users text input would appear on an object somewhere else in the app.

  • Hey Cliff,

    I really like your application (congrats on the new born btw Ive been reading lol) its easy to read for someone who doesn’t know anything about coding which is what i mostly love about this app. I was scanning other mock up apps I’ve been using and there were a few things I would add in

    Buttons to add:

    Creating custom Keyboards (or add on buttons to the standard Apple keyboard)

    Also, I can’t recall if Ive ever seen this done but is there a way to add a counter of sort? like say theres an option and the user wants to pick how many of that item without having to go through the entire app..like uh..

    Pick an item
    Coke……. [-] (1) [+]
    Sprite…… [-] (3) [+]
    Water…… [-] (9) [+]

    Its difficult to paint a picture with letters and what not, but do you get what I mean?

    • hey,

      I was playing with the app and I found something else that would be useful.

      You know the Enter Text Table thing, in the options, let the user select what type of keyboard they want instead of just the standard, you know, the Number Pad, Phone Pad, etc…

      • Cool, this makes sense, and easy enough to setup.

        I’ll do this now.

        It’ll be available as part of next update :).

    • Those Edit, Save, Add etc. buttons are there. They are actually ‘barButtonItems’ and you can add them to toolbars.

      You are looking for the ‘system bar button items’ :).

      Custom keyboards are a b***ch to make :P… to do this, you have to have a custom image for each key being created and added in yourself, and then you also need to handle the response from each key.

      I’ve had to do this before :).

      But hey, maybe in future I can put this in.

      • Alrighty that sounds good 🙂 I’m glad you actually try to keep up on all the comments. I give you kuddos 🙂 by the way, just wanted to know if there was such thing as that counter I mentioned, it would be great to have it but not really necessary. I was just wondering if you’ve seen it around.

        Thanks so much!

        • Oops, I’m a dill.

          Missed the counter reference.

          Hmm… interesting type of object. Tell you what, if you draw it for me and give me the specs (so I understand correctly), I’ll put it into Dapp ;).

          (note: As long as it’s useful for others too!)

          • Also, about the navigation bar, you should add those buttons I mentioned (which I found btw, sorry bout that) to the navi bar along with actions for those buttons but you already know about that, I’m pretty sure that request is a big hit lol

        • Huh… go figure :/… I don’t have System Bar Button Items available for Nav Bars.

          All good, I’m coding update for Dapp now so I’ll chuck this in too ;).

  • It would be great to have the ability to customize all images on the tab bars, and also add those red badges (like how many emails you have) to them! Keep up the great work!

    • Yep, just go into Page Options and you can change the Tab Bar image for that page :).

      Hmm… red badges is easy to implement but for them to be useful they need to be driven by some type of dynamic code, which I’m not up to in Dapp yet :)… once I put in more data driven abilities, then for sure I can consider this as being a useful feature for users ;).

  • I know you already heard this request a lot but I recommend developing Dapp for iPad.

    Here is why:
    Dapp is much better and more intuitive than the leading mockup apps out there. What makes your
    App outstanding is (to name one) that connections between two pages are made automatically. The app convinces through the clean and pervading hierarchies. In addition to that all your UI-Tools feel really natural and are working pretty good! All in all Dapp is much better than other mockup apps/tools which are living from static pictures with some hardly working connector-actions.

    So I come to the conclusion that Dapp for iPad will not only compete with apps like App Cooker(25$) and Blueprint(20$) but surpass them in ease of use(and handling), function and the cost effectiveness.

    I am really looking forward to see Dapp for iPad in the near future. I won’t hesitate to spend my money on it and I can imagine many others think the same way.

  • Hello, heavy Dapp user… Just a few things on the list that I personally would find useful:

    1.) Push cell to other apps…
    2.) MFMessageView @Cliff 🙂
    3.) Left and Right button controls
    4.) Built in ability to hide tab bar instead of
    controller.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES;
    5.) Ability to apply an object to all pages or some pages of app
    6.) Ability to import code? Against Apple’s GUI Guidelines, I think…

    I’ll think of some more 🙂

  • I’m using Dapp (love it) to put together a ui, and really need some help in accessing an sqlite database to fill a list view (of players), store app options, and keep scores of matches being played (by those players.
    I’m a newbie to iOS development, so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bas (Netherlands)

    • :), databases…. long topic.

      A few options.

      1) Learn Core Data (which is time consuming)
      2) I provide some SQL Wrappers which you can use to access the DB (which is time consuming and requires programming knowledge)
      3) You leverage a service like Kumulos to create the cloud db for you – kumulos.com

      If I think of any more I’ll post them 🙂

  • I put in a vote for Play Audio since, if Dapp had that, I would have been able to create the entire(!) app that I published to the app store using only Dapp. It is a simple app that enables dogs to “talk” by touching pictures. As a non developer I muddled thorough from some tutorials and examples in I guess several weeks. Dapp would have reduced the coding and design phase from ~100 hours to 2 hours plus a little graphics time. Seriously. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Cliff,
    I’d like to vote for a feature option for exporting code using ARC.

    As a seasoned dev I appreciate the magnitude of what you’ve created here, and I’m very impressed and appreciative ($10 is a bargain). I can hand this app to my CTO and get him to mock up what he wants me to build. This will save me dozens of hours of tedious error prone work if I can actually grab and use some of the generated code.


  • I have a couple of ideas:

    – Allow of custom icons with non system item menu in tabbar
    – allow to access camera object from a button or link
    – allow to acess photo library object from a button or link


    • Custom icons can be a bit tricky, as you need to make sure they are created correctly for them to display properly in tab bars.

      Have had quite a few support requests regarding this ^^.

      That being said, one of the upcoming updates will be a big template/design update, which will include a bunch of custom icons that can be selected :).

      I’ve added allow to access camera and access photo library to the list of ‘connection types’ for the upcoming connections update. So expect these to be implemented in future :).

      Thanks for the ideas!


  • Love how easy Dapp is. Thank you! I would request more settings options. For example to set app to disable auto-lock.

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