Ok, we reached 10 reviews for Dapp Lite \o/.

Which means.. I can now randomly select a winner for a free copy of Dapp. 🙂

Yes, it’s completely random.  Honest feedback is much more valuable than anything else.

And the winner is…..

App Store Nickname: Deyooll

Review: This is awesome to give a chance to simple guys like me to make their own contribution to the App Store universe.

Please contact me at for a free promo code :).

Upcoming updates

Interesting feedback from Dapp.  Perhaps not surprisingly most people are keen for the universal iPad version.  Which is about 25% complete.

Just finishing up wireframes and designs for the update.

I’m also very serious about going nuts with ‘connections’, creating a ton more things you can do with Dapp and really move it towards being an all-in-one solution where you don’t have to learn to code to make apps \o/.

There will be a few small non-essential patches coming out between now and the iPad + connections updates.

One of them will include me trying to sneak back in backup/restore feature that got Dapp kicked off App Store for a while :(.

Hoping that if I link it up to iCloud and just allow you to do it on your device that Apple will let it through…

Heh, we will find out in the next week or two 😉

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