Something has been worrying me recently…

And that is the sight of so many bad iOS developers out there.

In fact I recently came across a poor company that had gone through two different iOS devs that just couldn’t do the job.

I came in after approximately 5 months of this, and yeah.

The code was so bad I had to start from scratch!

I shouldn’t be surprised, I recall that I myself came across a fair few bad developers when I was looking to contract someone last year.

And boy, they were so bad that I almost gave up on finding a qualified dev.

But the good news is that there are great devs out there too! :)

Bad news is that it really takes a great dev to spot another great dev. :(

Anyways, much more detail provided in this post over at Kerofrog.

Hope you learn something valuable :).

Four checks to make sure you hire a great developer

PS: If you guys ever need a dev in your corner to check if your hired devs are good at their job, then I can be that dev 🙂

1 thought on “GOOD OR BAD IOS DEV”

  • 1… Check
    2… Check
    3… Check
    4… Check
    Looks like you’re a great one. Haha. Thanks! And I agree.

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