Hello World!
I don’t think this type of tutorial needs an introduction. But, we are going to do it with Dapp! The following video will take us through the process… enjoy. 😀
Note: Using Xcode 4? Then please view the Xcode 4 version of this video tutorial – Hello World Tutorial with Xcode 4

Note: Please ensure you select ‘iPhone’ as the Product option when creating a new project in Xcode. The other two options, Universal and iPad will present a different folder structure to you.
Oh, and before i forget.. here are the project files.
Project Files – Hello World iPhone SDK Tutorial with Dapp
Till next time,


  • A VERY impressive product you have built, I can’t wait to see it in use!

    Congrats so far!

    • Any lists of data, such as tableview cells will be created in your code as an array of strings. Dapp will not create any databases.

      In future, we are considering a database companion app for Dapp. One that will allow you to design your database and all functions, after which you can export it to code and link it up with the presentation code from Dapp.

  • Once you export to Xcode can you then use the visual interface designer on the Mac to make adjustments?

    • Unfortunately, Interface Builder can not interact with or export to code. This was one of the reasons we created Dapp.

  • Hey Cliff!

    Is the database companion in production yet? I will buy it, as soon as it is released!



    • Oops, I missed this comment :(. Not yet, I only have 10 fingers I’m afraid and only a certain amount of time each day. I’ll be looking at getting some staff in the future to build this ‘companion’. 😉

  • Hello,
    I am new to app making so I hope my questions aren’t tooooo strange.. Do I absolutely have to have an apple computer to compile my iphone apps?

    • The short answer. Yes you do.

      Apple computers rock, just do what I did when I started – buy a cheap Mac Mini :).

      Truth be told, I’m not 100% certain that you can’t somehow rig up a PC to run Xcode.. but yeah, even if you can, it’s not worth the bother ;).

    • Sorry man :(.

      Not possible to do.

      There are actually plans for a Mac version of Dapp but not sure how far away that is :).

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