This is where I can keep you guys updated on what I’m currently working on :).  I’ll be adding to this as time progresses.

Feel free to post any comments you may have below, or you can also suggest new features here – Feature Requests

14 thoughts on “IN DEVELOPMENT”

  • Has anything been done? It shows no hours done. Just curious and looking forward to the update.

    • *cough*, haven’t done it yet :S. Newborn hasn’t been very co-operative :(.

      Do have a patch for that image bug people reported that’s waiting to be approved, and it is on the todo list.

      I’ll post updates on the blog as they happen :).

  • Ah… I understand. Looking forward to the update! Also for the day you get a larger company so you can roll these updates out faster!

  • I understand your situation, but an update with at least those bug fixes with the navigation controller would be really nice. Thanks.

    • Sure man, I can do that.

      Could you please remind me about the navigation controller bugs you’re talking about.

      My sleep addled brain is a bit foggy :(.

      I’ll get that patched ;).

      • I listed it in your bug report. It’s that I can’t turn off the navigation controller. It doesn’t export right either.

        • I just tested this now and I was able to turn off Nav Controller.

          Had it on, then went to Project Options -> Nav Controller -> Off and ran Live Preview again, and it was gone.

          Test project & screenshots would be cool :), just email me.

          • Oh. Truly sorry. Missed that in the update, but now I remember being excited about it. Recently, I don’t think I’ve found any bugs. Sorry for the confusion. By the way, if there is anything I can help with to roll updates out faster (that’s not coding because I don’t code very well in C and C++), just LMK. I’d love to help.

    • First step is to get your code over to Xcode, just use Dapp to export your code and then follow the Xcode 4.2 tutorials in our tutorial section on how to get the code in.

      The .ipa is created in Xcode when you archive your application. More details can be found within your developer program portal and Xcode tutorials :).

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