This is the list of currently known bugs as of the latest version (1.3).

If you think you may have found a bug, then please report it here! 😀  I’m passionate about making Dapp a bug-free zone.

I keep track of any exceptions generated by Dapp but I still rely on users sending me crash reports so I can track down the source of the issues.  If Dapp has ever unexpectedly shutdown on you then please send through a crash report to me. Details of how to do this can be found in our FAQ.  Doing this will ensure that this shutdown will not happen again in the next update of Dapp :).

Of course, you can also just contact me at to report a bug.

A status of Open means that I haven’t fixed the bug yet.  A status of Closed means I have fixed the bug in the current beta version of Dapp.

53 thoughts on “KNOWN BUGS”

  • Hello,

    First, thanks for all the great work on this app. It’s been very helpful so far in wireframing a new app i’m developing. It’s great that’s it iPhone based because i’m on the road a lot and i can continue to develop the idea.

    One thing that I have a question about is the picker. i use the picker a lot as the input device. I know that i can customize how many sections a picker has, but if i have, say, four sections in my picker all the values/objects within the sections are the same….if i were to change the values to Apple, Orange, Grape, Banana i would see those words in all four sections. What if i want to make the first section with values Apple, Orange, Grape etc…and the next section be numbers and the third section be Day of Week, etc. Kind of the way the Date/Time picker has different values.

    Is there a way to do this already? If not i think it would be a powerful and useful update.

    Finally, is there a way to use the picker to actually populate fields in live preview?

    Thanks again for the great app.

    my best,

    • Mmm… good point with the picker. I updated duplicate values in tableviews but didn’t do this in the picker. I’ll add this to the planned updates section.

      Ah… populating fields :)… That’s a whole new level. I generally leave this bit to you as there are a wealth of options on how this could be implemented. Hmm… I’ll need to put this into the feature requests section to see the level of interest in something like this.

  • Hi there,

    I`m experiencing a bug in DAPP since the first day I bought it. I did one mock up of an APP to be, but, whenever I open Dapp and click on it, Dapp always crashes (shuts down). I bought Dapp mostly to make the mockup of this app, so if it doesn`t work there is little use for me.
    My app mock up has 7 pages, and uses a table view and tab bar controler also, as well as some images.
    I hope there can be a fix for this.


    • Thank you for notifying me of this issue. It sounds like something I need to fix immediately. Just send me a copy of your crash report and I’ll release a patch to fix it, the patch will also give me a chance to fix other known bugs. Details of how to send crash reports are on the FAQ page.

    • Hmm… you’ll need to provide more details on this. I’ve sent you an email so I can troubleshoot this further :).

  • hi

    When ever I try to change the bg color Dapp crashes. Im running iOS 5 could that be why this happens?


    • Great pickup! Yeah, I’ve had a look at this and it is an issue with iOS 5. I believe I’ll be looking at doing a Dapp update shortly, and making it iOS 5 compatible is something of high priority. The only problem is making sure I catch all issues (looks like I’ll be doing some extensive testing). Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be releasing a patch before iOS 5 is released.

  • Hi,

    Potential object leak error will be generated on analyzing a project unless

    [imageView1 release];
    [textView1 release];
    [label1 release];

    for DAPP generated images, multiline text boxes and labels in the void load section of the view.m files of all objects


  • great app. (would love to see ipad version).

    small bug: once the code is exported to xcode, the viewDidLoad event is not firing because DAPP doesn’t implement a loadView method in the view controller code.

    fix: each time you export code to xcode, create a loadView method (in viewcontroller.m) and move the lines of code from the init method that create the view to the viewLoad method. After that, the viewDidLoad method will fire properly.

    • iPad version coming sooner than you think ;)… rather than trying to make it do a million things, it’ll just be a version of Dapp on the iPad that will allow iPad projects.

      Yeah… I should probably correct that… thx for the reminder, I’ll do that in the next update ;).

        • Would love to give you good news Martin, but that project is currently in limbo. 🙁

          Going through the ‘joy’ that is having a newborn and the 2 hours I have each day is dedicated to updates, tutorials and support :).

          There is a product called ‘Interface for iPad’ that might do the job for you :).

          Doing a search for ‘lesscode interface’ on google will direct you to the site.

      • I can reproduce it. You can set your iphone language to Chinese, and if you are using IOS 5.0.1, you should be able to reproduce it easily.. 🙂
        Just because I love this app so much, I just want it to be perfect. Acutally I can use English to set page tile, but it’s not perfect… 🙂

  • Dapp crashes when I try to add an image or use camera. Tha app just jams and I haveto restart my iPhone. I´m running iOS 5. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?

    • Ack! Sorry about that. I’m an idjit :S.

      I’ve heard this from a few other people in the last 24 hours.

      I’ll rip out a patch for this today.

  • I was about to comment about the exact same thing. When I come to select an image from Camera or Camera roll, it will not select and image, and will then not let me exit out of the camera roll or camera, leaving me to ‘force quit’ the app.

    Any Ideas?

    • My bad :(… was crashing due to changes in iOS 5.

      I’ve fixed this now and the patch is in review with Apple.

      Happy new year Ash! 🙂

    • Thx for that bug report :). Just went through the code and found the issue (luckily it’s just isolated to toolbar), which is now fixed.

      Next update will resolve this.

  • Thanks for the great, work. It’s quite amazing.
    I have one question/bug:
    I found that I cannot assign Actions to Navigation Bar Buttons.
    Is there a way to do this ? In the Nav Bar properties I only see show button, button style, and button title. Nothing about action and target.

    • Thx Adi. That’s my bad, when I did actions, I chose not to place them on Nav Bars.

      At the time it was because of the whole Navigation Controller and Navigation Bar thingo.

      Which basically went along the lines of the Navigation Bar is gonna be replaced by Navigation Controller anyways, so there is little point to setup actions.

      The fix here is to use the page options to setup navigation controller actions. I’ve made a note to put this in the next update :).

  • Hi,

    Thanks for developing so amazing app. This is the best APP ever!
    But I found one defect for Chinese, I cannot change Page Title if I type Chinese chars. Currently I am using Version 1.4.1 on IOS5.0.1 Apple4.
    The path is projects -> click one project -> select one page -> Click Page Options -> Click Title -> if you input Chinese Chars it won’t type into the textbox nor will it be changed.
    It used to work before, after after I upgrade my iphone from 4.3.1 to 5.0.1 and upgrade DAPP from 1.4 to 1.4.1, it doesn’t work now. Please fix this issue ASAP, because if really impacts my design.

    • Seriously! :(… hmm.. strange, I didn’t change anything regarding that for the latest version.

      I’ll see if I can reproduce this on this end. Thx 🙂

  • I’ve noticed that if there are two segmented controls on the same page neither will work on live preview.

    • Export to PDF uses the MFMailComposer class which is hooked into your iPhone. Just make sure you have your mail settings setup so it knows which mail address to use when exporting PDF :).

      Save draft and cancel are built-in MFMailComposer options that I don’t have access to remove, and aren’t relevant to the export process, so Dapp just ignores them :).

  • When I turn the navigation bar off, it doesn’t disappear in rather the project export or the live preview.

  • Wh a UISlider, when you set it to whatever, you give it a live preview, and it’s 50 no matter what, even when you go back and edit it.

  • Not sure if this is a bug or just me.
    Created a project with a rectangle view in it with rounded corners + border etc, it kept throwing up errors until I figured out I had to add “QuartzCore.framework” and added “#import ” to the View.h

    Even if this cannot be added from Dapp a warning that it would need to be included would have been nice.

    Sorry if this was obvious, I’m new to this 🙂

    • That’s cool.

      Hmm… it’s true that generally to access the layer conmponent that you need to import quartzcore.

      *scratch*, honestly thought that there was a comment at top of code about this :(.

      I’ll make sure to include this in next update.

      thx for heads up man. 😉

  • I tried to create a page with multiple table views. It appears fine in Dapp; however, when I export the code and import into Xcode, the first table view is duplicated and I do not see the second table view.

    I saw a comment you made on June 4, 2011 about duplicate value tableviews and was hoping this had been corrected.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

    • I found my error. Rather than creating additional sections within the same TableView, I was creating separate TableViews. Once I used multiple sections in a single TableView, everything was fine. 🙂

    • Double check the phone settings and make sure you have a mail account connected :).

      If that’s not it, then we’ll need to do a bit more troubleshooting.

  • Im running an iPhone 4S on iOS 6 beta 3. I am now experiencing the app crashing after every object or page that is added, and the image element will not display an image… Do you know what could be causing this.

    • Thx mate,

      This’ll be caused by changes in iOS 6.

      Downloading the beta now, I’ll fix the issues with a patch :).

  • I’m trying to download your APP.. I’m from the US. What country is your app registered through, because it will not let me download your APP 🙁 Please let me know how i can buy the app and install it on my iPhone. I’ve been searching all over for this type of app. Thank you so much for creating something like this 🙂
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Apple took Dapp off App Store because of ‘backup & restore’ feature, as this makes it possible for apps to be distributed outside the app store.

      In their words ^^.

      Removed the feature and submitted App back to Apple.

      They still in process of reviewing :(, but hopefully available soon :).

  • Aftet creating a new project and selecting a new page, I’d select the navbar or other and it did nothing. I couldn’t do anything. As in: I selected it and then typed in a name, nothing happened after this I couldn’t go any further.

    • Sorry for delay :(, I get tons of spam coming through so it’s hard to find the real emails.

      Please email me directly at with more details? And screenshots.

      There are two areas where a nav bar could be selected, so I’ll just need more info to troubleshoot with you (and fix as required).

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Cliff,
    I have an iPad 4th gen and the app crashes while on the loading screen.
    My ios version is 6.1
    I deleted the app and reloaded to no avail.


    • Sorry about that Mark :(. I’m getting this fixed ASAP and will request an expedited review to get it on App Store sooner.

      Thank you to all that have forwarded bug reports :).

  • A few questions about the Navigation Bar.
    1. In the previous version I was able to change the colors of it. Now it is only white. Is that because of iOS7 design?
    2. Adding the left and Right button styles (Plain,Bordered,Done) do not do anything. Only the text appears (no arrows, or borders for the buttons, etc).


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