This is the list of updates I have planned, which is still growing at the moment to give you guys (my awesome users) a chance to vote on what you want me to add next.  Please visit the <a title=”feature requests” href=””>feature requests</a> page if you would like to request a new feature.

I will be adding to this as time progresses.  Generally if a new feature gets requested enough, then it will be moved here.

Otherwise feel free to post comments about the planned updates below :).

23 thoughts on “Planned-Updates”

  • iPad support?
    First off I do love dapp! It’s an excellent tool. But when I first bought the app I remember reading about a planned release for the iPad.. And yet now that I have finally got one I can’t seem to find an iPad version 🙁 any chance this will be coming in the near future? Thais and keep up the great work!

    • One of the problems of being a sole developer is that there is only so much time in each day :S. Which is why my focus is currently on investing all my time into constantly improving Dapp & Manage.

      The end goal being that I eventually look at hiring another developer to work on the iPad version of Dapp. That way I can design a great UI for the iPad version, have someone else code it and still have time to continue updating Manage & Dapp (iPhone).

      Best thing to do is follow us (via RSS, twitter or facebook) to be notified on when Dapp for iPad will be coming out. I’ll definitely be announcing it the day I get another developer on board to work on this project.

  • Firstly thank you for a great product, for me the key planned updates are as follows:

    1. iOS5 Support, current version crashes when adding a push action to a button.
    2. iPad version would be beautiful….
    3. iCloud support, projects magically appear on all devices.

    I appreciate how busy you are and the fact that two of the suggestions are still in beta.

    All the best


    • Thanks Duncan, yeah, iOS5 support is the most critical one. iCloud can wait until iOS5 is available… but before then I need to have a patch that corrects the iOS 5 issues. Thanks for the push action bug in iOS 5 report.

      iPad version is going to be a large project ;). I’ll be hiring someone else to handle that one.

  • First, congratulations on building such a great and useful app. Very impressive.
    One thing that would make it much more useful (for me at least) would be if it could export a .xib rather than putting it all in code. I understand that may be a bit of a challenge, but it does make the process of going back and finessing the controls a bit harder when they have all been generated in code.

    • Xib is an undocumented format ;). I’ve actually put in a feature request for them (Apple) to release the document specifications for the Xib file format, but no reply yet.

      I’m afraid there is no way I can convert to xib until the format is documented by Apple. 🙁

  • Hi Cliff, I’m strongly considering buying your app! Everything looks fantastic! One nuance that I just want to clarify before buying, I note that there’s no native iPad app for Dapp, which is more than fine since I will be working mostly with my iPhone, but, can it run on an iPad like other iPhone apps do, with the native resolution and the 2x resolution?

    If that’s a yes, consider the app purchased, and I thank you for your time making the app!

    • Yeah, can’t wait till I can get an iPad version built :). But until then, Dapp for iPhone works fine on an iPad, and quite a few people that I’ve talked to prefer it on the iPad because they can use the ‘2x’ resolution to get larger ‘touch spots’ and for better control of placement of objects.

      • Stay occupied with the newborn !! They don’t stay that way for long…
        Audio and Video can always wait. 🙂

    • Sorry Josh, missed this comment. I do have someone in mind to build it but am always open to help 😉

  • Hey!

    Sent you an email about iPad version, which is obviously a popular request. I saw a planned tutorial for embedding videos into apps. Is this possible at the moment? Or will the tutorial come with an update allowing it?

    • Heh… that would be nice…

      Just a bit occupied with newborn right now :S… :(…

      Audio and Vid are the features I’ve promised for 1.5, so ya, they’ll be in there.

      As for the tutorial, there are a few online already, but time permitting I’d love to do a embed vid tutorial. 🙂

  • Stay occupied with the newborn !! They don’t stay that way for long…
    Audio and Video can always wait. 🙂

    • Oh… And do you mean the scrollable type of list view or did you mis-define it and are making a page flipper type thing. Sorry for my lack of description. Are you making it so you could make that scrolling boxes tutorial?

        • YAY! You can read my mind of what I want. 😀 Just what is your planned interface for it? That’s what I’m wondering. It’s kind of hard to make. I’ll make a rough sketch of my idea. Just a second.

          • Try the images on this page:
            Sorry it’s on an unrelevant to Dapp website. But the sliders show where in the UIScrollView your looking at and the arrows August the width and height. Click the plus to add an object to the scroll view. Then I added an example for table views. I quickly threw this together, so sorts it’s a little messy. Any question? LMK.

  • About the iPad version, I’m just curious if anyone jailbroken has tried this

    ‘Redmond Pie – Run iPhone apps in native resolution of iPad non pixelated’

    I’m wondering how it looks on the iPad. It must be really REALLY buggy and the export must be messed up. Just out of curiosity…

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