Turn your app design into a prototype on the iPhone.

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Link pages in your design with table views

Learn How to Code Your App Deign in iOS SDK
Watch the step-by-step online tutorials or use the resource on how to export your app design to XCode in your Mac and preview a prototype on your iPhone or iPhone Simulator


  • Hi Cliff :)) Thanks for the advice i’ll take a look at that turorial on creating a transition page, also where should i direct my questions on dapp too, should i send you an email, post it on a dapp forum or just post it here???? I couldnt find any dapp forum page or support email so just posted the question here. My question is how do i make a more sorta 3d looking table style, like the one in this mockup. The default table style in dapp isnt as rounded, “buttony” like this one. Sorry hard to find the words to explain what i mean :)) Thanks

    • If you click on the ‘Support’ link at the top of the page, you’ll find an area where you can post questions and also an email address to contact – I think I’ll spread out that email address a bit more, as it seems that some people are having trouble reaching the support page. Must be the dropdown… 🙁

      There are two table view styles that Apple provide, Grouped (round looking one) and Simple. Open up your tableview in Dapp and change the tableview style from simple to gropued to get the same style shown in the mockups.

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