Finished. ^^

New process for Dapp users –

1/ Create app

2/ Export zipped Xcode Project

3/ Open up Xcode project on your Mac and press play to run your app.

4/ Adjust app quickly in Xcode Storyboards on your Mac

Other nice things are that code export now uses delegates (better than pointers) and now if you’re looking to get someone to make an App for you, then Dapp can seriously save you lots of money by you providing an initial version of your app to the developer.

With storyboard being in the export, developer can much more easily jump in and extend the project you created \o/.

You need Dropbox Sync

Yep, I’m a mystic. ^^

Seriously, export via email isn’t cool for larger projects.  And how nice would it be to tap once on your iPhone to export and then within a short time have access to the file from your computer via your dropbox folders?

Not in this version, but is scheduled for next.

Dapp Icon being updated

More a vanity piece but it’s time for an upgrade.

You can check out for a recent icon we updated for Manage.  Gonna have a similar styling for the updated Dapp icon :).

iPad Version

Yes, very very big on the agenda.

It will take a little while longer to put together so I’ll still be pushing out updates for Dapp iPhone in the meantime.

Taking objects to the next level

There’s some really cool stuff I want to do with starting to take objects to the next level and allow you to connect things up.

For example, being able to put in a slider and use it to modify the values of another control… ^^

Or being able to setup a scrollview of images etc…

Really need your help here though as I’m not sure what would be the most useful for you here?

Let me know and it’ll most likely be put in a later version :).

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