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  • Hi —

    Just started using Dapp. Love it. HOWEVER….when I am using a Navigation Controller, I can’t get out of the Live Preview function. The controller covers up the button that goes back to the Design options.

    Can you add a triple-tap or a swipe or something to exit Live Preview?


    • When the screen is covered with objects, there is no way to detect the double tap :(. The way around this is to use the ‘shake’ gesture ;). Which I added in as a second way for exiting live preview for that very reason.

  • I spent 1 hour designing on original iphone, now when I click on my design the app crashes, is there a way to get my design from the phone? Will restoring to newer iphone work? what is itunes file sharing and how should I proceed to get the backup files, what are the steps? Does it make sense to try restore from dapp backup on another iphone / ipad? How would I do that?

    thanks, Alex

  • Correction – I do know what is file sharing as referred to ibooks pdf upload etc, but I don’t see file sharing panel in iTunes, is it due to the fact that this is the original iphone or?

    • I’ve sent you an email taking you through the steps. I believe the error that is occurring is Bug B1 which is listed in the Known Bugs section. As to not seeing file sharing panel in iTunes.. ? That is a surprise.. what iPhone OS is installed on your iPhone? Just have a go through the steps I emailed you and see if you can find the file sharing section.

  • Hi, I just ran across Dapp and it looks very interesting. Is there an ipad version ? If not, any idea as to when that will be out ? Many thanks.

    • Nothing set in stone about the release date for an iPad version I’m afraid. I’m hoping to hire another developer in the near future, after which I can allocate time to a Dapp for iPad version.

  • First of all, I love this app. I bought it this past week and this has been a HUGE help in creating my app. The question that I have involves the Segmented Control to look at 2 dfferen’t selectable table views. I want to be able to have one of the segmented button to show a selectable table view list of messages and the other segmented button to show a selectable table view list of special messages. I tried to use another tab bar to do this but since I already have a tab bar to take me to my other pages on the app, I don’t see a way to add a second tab bar. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks again for an awesome and powerful app.

    • The easiest way to do this would be to setup your tableview and then change the ‘UITableViewDataSource’ (and if required, ‘UITableViewDelegate’) whenever the selected segmented control button is changed. By changing the source, and reloading your tableview, you will effectively have a new set of data being displayed. To setup different tableview delegates and datasources, just create a new class and implement the two tableview delegate protocols, eg:
@interface MyFirstTableViewResponder : NSObject
@interface MySecondTableViewResponder : NSObject
Once these are setup and handle both tableviews, all you need to do is change the tableview.delegate and tableview.dataSource to point to your new classes.
      Example code to setup a segmented control to call a method where you can change the tableview is:
[mySegmentedControl addTarget:self action:@selector(mySegmentedControlAction) forControlEvents:UIControlEventValueChanged];

  • Before I commit to buying the app can you tell me if you can work with the app on an applemac or do you gave to do it on the actual phone… on the tutorials it shows an arrow so looks like it is done on a computer… can you advise ?

    • Dapp will just run on an iPhone (or iPad).
      The tutorial was done using a screen capture program and thus I had to do it using the iPhone simulator within Xcode. Which is why you saw the arrow ;).

  • Hi Cliff,

    This is an excellent app. 5 stars from me!
    I just found it tucked away in some forum. It needs to come up on a keyword search in google as xcode generator as to my knowledge none of the other mockup apps have this functionality


  • I have everything set up, am I able to link my picker window to a database with the app generator or do I need to do that in xcode? Same goes for a long in page.

  • When a space is left in the title page in a DAPP project Xcode interprets it as an underscore is there a symbol in DAPP page titles that Xcode interprets as a space?

    • Yep, that’s because the files that are created for Xcode are based on the names you give to pages and Xcode can’t read files with blank spaces. Thus the underscore.

      The annoying part is that this then translates into the code itself. A good idea is to go in and remove the underscore from your page titles. I’ll be getting Dapp to do this automatically in the next update.

  • Is there anyway to put a simple checkbox that will save in the app? I’m trying to create a sort of checklist, but I can’t seem to find the right “object” to do this with, please help!

  • Hi Cliff,

    awesome app!!!

    Just a question in regards to the UIImage view in Dapp. Is there a way to import an image within Dapp?

    • Yep! Best way to bring images into Dapp is to use iTunes file sharing and drag/drop them into your Dapp folder.

  • oops, don’t worry just found the option.

    Also, is there an option to change the font?

    if so, where would i find it?



    • Depends on what object you are talking about. I had a recent question about buttons, where I don’t have Dapp support for the font yet (I’ll be adding this in shortly). So yeah, which object did you want to change the font for?

    • This is an interesting one. I had a gentleman give a one star review to Dapp exclaiming that it doesn’t support iOS 5, with no details on how it doesn’t support iOS 5. I’ve since downloaded and ran iOS 5 Beta 3 and tested Dapp against it, with no errors. So yes, Dapp does support iOS 5 beta. But, should you find that it doesn’t in any way, shape or form, then just contact me on where the problem is and I’ll immediately push out a iOS 5 patch.

  • Hey Cliff…definitely a fan and I will say I have purchased the two other majors. Yours is the best..easiest to use..would like to see a cleaner preview, more like DeveloperToy (they nailed it).
    But again..would rather go with yours…however I banging my head on a problem with each and every piece app I have been working with. The main issue with your app is I cant I at least cannot find out how change the cell size of a data table which throws a stick in the spokes for my progress.
Can we expect an update anytime soon?

    • Good pickup on the tableview cell heights. It’s something I need to add in, I’ve added it to the list of features currently in development, so expect it in the next version.

      Until then, the method you need to be looking at is:

      – (CGFloat)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView heightForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath {
      CGFloat customHeight = 132.0f;
      return customHeight;

      Just copy/paste this into your view controller and setup whatever height you want for your table view cells. I’ll make sure that you can set variable heights for each cell in the next update.

      The good news about updates is that I will have a new staff member starting in the coming weeks. While he won’t be working on Dapp & Manage, he will be working on other projects, which will allow me to focus on updating these two products. Still going through beta testing with the Manage update (large one) but will be issuing out another good sized update for Dapp in the next month.

  • Hi, I was wondering if you are going to be doing a tutorial on how to read a JSON feed using your dapp created app?

    • Nope, wasn’t planning on doing a JSON feed tutorial. Please note that there is an RSS feed tutorial available. But, I’ll treat your question as a request and add JSON Feed tutorial to the list of planned tutorials ;).

  • when a version for ipad? It will be universal app? for the time being it is possible to use the version for iphone? otherwise I would have to use an other app ……

    • I’ll be hiring someone else to do the iPad version as it’s going to be a large project and I’d like to keep updating Manage for iPad and Dapp for iPhone during that time. But yep, by all means you can still get a lot out of Dapp for iPhone as all of the objects do translate over to the iPad as well.

  • DAPP HD is urgently needed here…Bought your competitor product(Interface HD) and after spending hours to create a complex mock-up using it, then only I saw in their small “beta limitation” prompt that their xcode export doesnt even support the most basic stuff like Action.

    • You are completely right, Dapp HD is urgently needed. I’m actually looking at giving over half the rights to profits on Dapp HD to another company so they can go ahead and build it (with our designs/framework). This is the only way I see it being done in the near future (I’m busy 24/7 on Dapp iPhone and Manage iPad). Don’t suppose you might know of any companies that would be interested in such an arrangement?

  • Loving Dapp, but can’t figure out how to set the Left Button Style of the NavigationBar as an arrow button instead of a standard button. By arrow button I mean the kind of button you often find in many apps (including Dapp) that takes you to the previous page.

  • I have added picker view to my page, but how do you select an option in picker view and it open another page?

  • So after reading through here, I see that it works with the iPad too…I don’t have an iPhone but have an iPad. Is that correct?

    • Dapp will run on iPad, just like any other iPhone app :). We just don’t have an iPad optimized version yet.

  • After completing A project, when I select convert to code the program hesitates then kicks me out. It will only let me send one page at a time. please help 440 pages is a lot to do one at a time…. Thanks

  • Hi, I had just finished my project and the program crashed, leaving me unable to open the project and export it to my comp….. Where do I find the back up in iTunes sharing?

    • Hmm… might be related to the tab bar controller bug. Send me an email at and I can get this sorted for you.

      Backups are stored in the ‘Backup’ folder in iTunes file sharing. Feel free to contact me again if you’d like more info on how to get to this folder :).

  • Cliff,

    How do I set the title of a navbar in my project? So I have several table views which all end up at a single page in Dapp called ‘Generic Textview’. When I run it on the sim the nav bar title is showing ‘Generic Textview’ and I cant see anyway of changing this?



    • Changing the page title will change the title of the Navigation Bar (Navigation Controller Nav Bar) for you. Open up your page in Dapp, and then select ‘Page Options’ to change the page title.
      This is assuming that you are using a Navigation Controller (the more likely scenario), otherwise if you are just using a Navigation Bar object then the title is changed within that Navigation Bar properties.
      Hope that helps! Otherwise just get back to me. 🙂

    • Hmm… strange. Whenever you open up the Dapp menu from a page, and tap the ‘Done’ option, everything should be saved. If this isn’t happening then please contact me and we’ll work out what’s going on.

  • No ive probally worded it worng. When i perform the live preview i write something in the box. If i change pages and then come back it dissapears. Is there a function to change that?

  • Ah… no, live preview is just that. It will load up your ‘mockup’ and allow you to play with it, but anything you do doesn’t get saved.

    You have a few options though. You can change the properties of the box in design mode so that what is written is always there.

    If you are looking to save what is written externally when a user is using your app, then this change can be done in code. All you’ll need to do is grab what is in the text box after they have entered in their text, and save it to a database or text file.

    I’m planning on doing a SQLite Database tutorial in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

    Hope that helps. 😉

  • Cliff,
    Thank you for your work on DAPP. One question:
Dapp does not generate a .xib file.
The purpose is to create actions for the page controller objects and manage UIscrollview for images I have tried to add a file manually but was unsuccessful.
Is it possible / simple to add a .xib file to the code generated by DAPP?

    • Yep, Dapp just creates your basic class and header files, there are no limits to what else you can do within your Xcode project.

  • Hi Cliff,
    If I want to re-use the same view in Dapp in various places and change the content accordingly I cant see how I achieve this (by changing the code in Xcode).
    Normally if I was coding this I would just create the view, set the properties and push the view in the didSelectRowAtIndexPath delegate. I can see Dapp is building a view controller on every view so the only thing I can think of is having to create a property in both the viewcontroller and the view and pass a value which lets me track what tableview has instantiated what view.
    Any thoughts would be welcome!

    • Dapp exported files are actually Views bolted on to a View Controller, you can simply take this View and push it yourself, without the View Controller. Just remove any references to the View Controller in the View.

  • Great App!.

    I downloaded directly to my iPhone.
    I then did a Sync to iTunes with my iPhone so I can transfer my images (.jpg)s to Dapp on my iPhone. I can’t firgure it out tho’. How do I “drag and drop” to Dapp on my iPhone? I didn’t see any Dapp directory.

    • Hi Ken :). A good link for how iTunes file sharing works can be found at:
      But in summary, you are:
1. Connecting your iPad to your computer
2. Starting iTunes
3. Selecting your iPad from the left hand window
4. Selecting the ‘Apps’ tab up the top of iTunes
5. Scroll down to the ‘File Sharing’ section, and select ‘Dapp’ from the list of apps
6. Drag and drop your image files to the ‘Dapp documents’ section.
      The web page I linked to also provides images ;).
      Good luck!

  • Thanks Cliff. That works perfectly. (Tho’ I did have to update my iPhone iOS in order for it to work.
    My App brings in five screens of Text (so of course I’ll use the scrolling feature) when a certain combination of buttons is pushed. Do I encode the text in a view file or can I copy the Text file to DAPP on my iPhone and call it from there? Also, I would like a little “diddy” (tone or song) to play when the proper sequence is pressed. Is that feature currently available?
    Very nice product.

    • Audio and video is something I’d like to look at for the next version of Dapp ;). Hopefully available in the next few weeks.
      Really depends on the text and how much text you will be using. But often we over-complicate things and it can be simpler just to embed the text within the app itself. Just update your textview with this text whenever the combination of buttons is pressed. 🙂
      Of course, feel free to go ahead and read the text from a file within the project. A tutorial on this can be found at:

    • Wow. Just read through it. Great work.
      Yeah, all good on being publicly editable.
      Funnily enough I was contacted recently by a designer that was interested in doing a UI and design overhaul of Dapp which he is working on at the moment. I’ll forward that link on to him.
      Thanks Jack!

  • Cliff,
    Is there some reason that the graphical appearance of the default iOS buttons is difficult to declare in code, so my body buttons can have the blue, gradient background and tight-radius corners?
    Thanks, Jack

    • You might need to be a bit more specific. But at a guess, you are talking about the standard UIButtons which can either be a custom type or rounded rect. Best advice with buttons is to roll your own images for them.
      To do this in Dapp, just set your button type to ‘Custom’ and select a background image for the button.

  • Subject: Trouble customizing Tab bar button icons
    I’ve read the iOS notes on the tab bar formats, tried a few PNG depths and palettes, and used 30×30 but can’t see my icons. Closest I’ve gotten is a big rectangular blur. Could I be missing something obvious? Even in Xcode i can see the PNG file but no image in the tab bar in the simulator.
Thanks, Jack

  • Subject: Buttons with iOS motif… blue gradient background
    Yes, I’m talking about the standard UI buttons that default to rounded white rect. But when I look for examples, I realize it’s simply my imagination (or innate pattern-sense) that makes me expect, when placing a random button in the middle of an iOS page, that it will default to blue gradient with white text. In fact, the HIG element usage doc has no such instance. The closest thing I see is a fully-rounded example in a popup nav bar:
    That’s why there’s no programmmatic method for Dapp to apply. I realize the exact motif I want can be accomplished in Dapp by making a 1-segment, segmented control… but I don’t see any actions; no big deal, like you said use an image.
Thanks, Jack

  • I just bought the app but it is failing on my IPhone 4 iOS version 4.3.5
    Please advice. It does not go through farther than launching…

    • Just got back in the office, hmm… this is a first. I’ve sent you two emails with instructions, but with this information, just ignore the first email.
      First step is to completely restart your iPhone.
Second step is to delete the app and redownload it, just in case it didn’t install correctly.
      If everything fails and we can’t get Dapp running for you, then I’ll organise a refund for you. But, shouldn’t be necessary as I’m 100% confident that Dapp runs on iOS version 4.3.5. 🙂

  • Hi, I just bought the app and using it on my iPhone I’m already impressed.
But, when I exported it as code to my xcode I get this error:
    “_OBJC_CLASS_$_MKMapView”, referenced from:
    objc-class-ref-to-MKMapView in MainView.o
    ld: symbol(s) not found
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    Started using xcode 2 days ago, so pretty new in the game;)

    • :).. all good. You just need to import the MapKit.framework for it to work (as you are using an MKMapView). Something I am unable to do in the code export for you.
      In Xcode 4:
1. Select your project
2. Select your ‘Target’ in the window just to the left, should be displayed under TARGETS
3. Select the ‘Build Phases’ tab
4. Drill down into the ‘Link Binary with Libraries’ section
5. Tap the ‘+’ button down the bottom and add in the MapKit.framework library into your project.
      Everything will now compile without error :).
      I do have comments in the code saying this needs to be done, but I think I should also do a video tutorial and FAQ page on this. I’ll add it to my todos. 😉

    • I’m afraid not :). Although I am looking at adding in Video and Audio to an upcoming version of Dapp and it wouldn’t take much for me to add a UIView Animation delay property.. hmm… I’ll add these to the list of feature requests. Thanks Shawn 😉

  • What is your suggestion on saving my progress as I build my app? It has crashed on me twice so far. Thanks

    • Everything you do is saved to the database. So a crash won’t affect your data. If you want to be extra safe you can do backups from the settings menu, and use iTunes file sharing to save them on your computer.
      But please, forward any details of crashes to us so we can get them fixed in the next update :).

  • My first question would be whether you are running iOS 5 Beta or not. If you are, then that would explain the crashes ;). If not, then please report any crashes so I can get them fixed :).

    I’ve released a patch that is currently in review with Apple. It has a bunch of neat UI updates as well as of course complete iOS 5 Compatibility. No crashes!

    In regards to saving progress, one neat thing is that every change you make is saved to the database, and any crash does not affect this. For extra safety (in case your iPhone was to melt, or if you were to somehow delete the app) you can also save a backup of all your data within the ‘Settings’ menu on the home screen.

    You can then use iTunes file sharing to get a copy of those backups and save them somewhere safe :).

  • Is there a way to set the target of a Disclosure Button for a cell? I’d like to have one target for the cell itself and a different target for the Disclosure Button. Thanks.

    • Mmm… this would be a useful feature for the next update… Just added it to the todo list :).

      Code-wise all that’s needed is the following method, which is triggered when the accessory button is tapped. Just copy/paste the target from your original cell and modify it slightly when triggered via the following code:

      – (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView accessoryButtonTappedForRowWithIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath {
      // Handle the accessory button (disclosure button) being tapped here

  • Hi Cliff,
    i’ve just finished building my app using dapp and ran it on x-code. are you allowed to put the app on to the app store and how?

    • Yes, it can definitely be put on the app store :). At the end of the day it’s just your standard code (from the Dapp code export) that any developer would use. 😉

      As to how to get it on the app store, that’s a much longer story. First step is to get setup as an Apple Developer and then follow the detailed instructions on how to get your app onto the store. Apple does a fairly good job of this and has step by step instructions.

      Good luck! 🙂

  • First, thank you for an amazing app!!! Makes life so much easier. i was wondering if there was a way to add a button or navigation icon that will revert back to the main page once you’ve navigated away from it. Thank you so much!

    • Generally, this is what the back buttons at the top left are for. They are automatically created for you as long as the Navigation Controller is left on (project options). Although, they only go back one page in the ‘stack’. Which can be likened to a stack of pages, the back button will take the top page off the stack, and show the page beneath it.

      Hmm… there is something you can do in code. Create your button as usual and point it to a random page.

      Then, once you have exported to code, replace the contents of that ‘buttonNameAction’ method with:
      [self.navigationController popToRootViewControllerAnimated:YES];

      That will take you back to the home screen :).

    • Yep. Although you’ll have to follow the instructions Apple provides for adding iAd to your apps.

      If it’s possible, I’m interested in entertaining the idea of automating this process within Dapp itself. One of my todo list items ;).

  • Thanx for a great app. It’s really helped me get started in app development.

    Does Dapp support multi-touch gestures? I want to use a double-tap to return my user to a main screen.

    • Afraid not :S. Not too hard to do in code though, just implement the following touchesBegan delegate method in your ViewController.

      -(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
      UITouch *touch = [touches anyObject];

      if ([touch tapCount] > 1) {
      [self.navigationController popToRootViewControllerAnimated:YES];


  • Every time I convert my views into code and try to send the export through email – Dapp either crashes or says the export failed. Is there a limit to how big it can be sent through mail? Is there another way to export the code so I can get it into Xcode?

    • It could be an issue with the size being sent through mail. I originally coded backups to be sent via mail but they were too big! So now they get stored direct to the device.

      Just save a backup (from settings) to your device, grab it via itunes file sharing and mail it to me ( I’ll export the code for you and also find out the reason why the export is failing.

  • Hello there! I have tried to set up a tableview with multiple sections, I would like the detail for each section to be a clickable link. Best way to go about this?

    For example :
    Most Popular

    As stated I used tableview thinking I could push to the website. This obviously didn’t work. How can I go about this?

    • Hey Lucas :). hmm… you may be referring to the section header… which would require some ‘tinkering’… but otherwise I think you are just referring to the rows in sections.

      To go in and set up the rows as clickable (tappable) links, just open up your tableview, select the sections option and then drill down into the section you want. From there you will see the list of rows within that section. Just select the row you are interested in and you will get to a point where you can select actions for that row.

      Select the ‘push’ action to connect that row to a different page in your app, when the user taps on it.

      Pushing a tableview to a website?…… ;)…. whole different kettle of fish and outside my scope :S… you’re talking using javascript, PHP, AJAX or other web tech for this type of functionality.

  • Oh no! =(

    Is there any way to push to a website? Besides table view?
    Whole purpose of the app was to provide usable links.

    I wanted to provide multiple links, and assumed once a link was clicked, the app would minimize, and safari would open up.

    A lot of assumption going on here, but I “assumed” I would just be able to hyperlink. Lol

    Love Dapp! It has been good to me, this is my first app design.

  • Ah!… figured you meant you wanted a tableview to display on a website, lol. Sorry bout that.

    Pretty easy to do. Just create your tableview, and point your tableview cells to a random page. (the ones you want opening up in safari)

    Then export to code. In the code, you’ll see the ‘action methods’ that those tableview cells are calling when user taps them. To open up safari and send user to site, use:

    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@””]];

  • Thank you Cliff. You just made my day!

    <3 Dapp! I will be telling my friends. I will test this later and reply if I have any more questions. Thank you again though. And thanks for the speedy reply!

  • Hi there, I really like this app!

    One question though – I want to design using this app in horizontal (landscape) view instead of a normal vertical view. Is this a possibility in a future release? Or is there an easy way to do this currently?

    Thanks a ton

    • I originally had this as a feature but had to drop it due to the lack of control I have over the orientation :(. Basically, you as a user can select ‘horizontal’ (landscape) orientation, but I have to ‘ask’ you to turn the screen… It was very clunky so I dropped it. :S..

      If Apple changes anything or the dev I put to work on updating Dapp can find an ingenious way to do this, then yeah, there will be landscape option in the future :).

      Hmm… easy way to do it currently. No :(, afraid not. Any landscape orientation would have to be done from within code, after the export.

    • Thanks ;)… hmm… live audio. Good thing the answer is easy, just use the following line of code:

      [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@””]];

      That’ll open up Safari on the users device and go to the site or direct to your stream if you prefer.

      Safari on the phone already has the ability to play streamed radio stations. Just make sure the stream is compatible with Safari on the iPhone! 😉

  • I have generated a table view using DAPP and I am intending to add a target for one of the rows using a .xib file, I am getting a SIGABRT type error any tricks to achieve this?

  • Answering my own question here:

    In the view controller.m file in the #pragma mark Action Methods section add the following code:

    } else if (section == 0 && row == 2) {
    SecondView *controller = [[SecondView alloc]
    bundle:[NSBundle mainBundle]];
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:controller animated:YES];
    [controller release];

    The top line indicates the row
    Second view is the name of the UIview controller that has a .xib file
    Make sure to disable the connections with the delegate and data source in the .xib if the target is another table

    • dude, you rock :). In fact, I learnt something from that too …heh, maybe one day I should learn how to use Interface Builder :S.

  • Cliff!

    I created a table view with 11 rows. The rows then link to more tables, with more rows etc.

    I want to release the app with only 10 rows, being that is all I have the content for at the moment. Is there any way to hide the 11th row from users, but not delete the code? A lot of work in that one row…

    In the future I will have around 30 rows, but for now I just want to release 10.

  • Sure, easy to do :).

    There is a method called:

    – (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section {

    It returns the number of rows for each section.

    Just change it to return 10 rows instead of 11 for the row you want to hide. 😉

  • Thank you very much Cliff, I have another question, lol.

    Anyway to monitor the usage of those rows?

    Being able to see which garnered more traffic, would prove valuable.

    I guess for an example lets say my app is a poll. You open it, it ask you a question and gives you 10 answers in the form of a table view. How can I determine which answer(row) is clicked more?

  • Also, when I want to test the app to make sure it will compile and function as I want it to, I have been deleting my old files, and just exporting and creating a new application every time. The app is getting a little to big to do this anymore though, and I can actually edit the code faster on the PC now, but may still want to work on it through Dapp.

    How can I transfer from Xcode, back to Dapp?

    For example, if I change the label for some cell containers on the pc, how can I make Dapp reflect those changes?

  • Another question for you, not related to Dapp but wondering if you can help with it. I created my app Icons, and after inputting them into Xcode, and running the application, I notice that iOS has put a sort of “light hat” on my icon.

    To see what I am talking about look at the App Store Icon, Notice how the top half is lighter, and you can actually see the line put through the icon that marks that lighter layer.

    Any idea how to get rid of that? I notice most app icons don’t have it, but some do.

  • Hate to flood the board here… But:

    – (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)table numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section {
    NSDictionary *sectionContainer = [tableView1CellData objectAtIndex:section];
    NSMutableArray *cells = [sectionContainer objectForKey:@”Cells”];
    return [cells count];

    Nowhere does it return the number of rows? I tried changing [cells count] to 10, but that resulted in an Expected Identifier error.

  • Tried out DAPP Lite, mailed you the bug that i cannot escape the Photos page or Camera Roll page when i try to include an image.
    I deleted DAPP Lite and installed it again. This time i tried to include a saved photo from my iPhone. Same bug again, cannot follow doing anything more, the Cancel button doesn’t work, no way to go back to the app 🙁

  • Heh. wow. Ok.

    One at a time.

    For checking what the user tapped, you need to be using the -didSelectRowAtIndexPath TableView delegate method.

    Just drop in:
    – (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath

    And then do whatever you want depending on what row the user tapped, which is stored in indexPath.row.

  • For transferring from Xcode back to Dapp.

    Unfortunately it’s a one way street :(. Going from code to Dapp would be quite a feat though 😉

  • For hiding the ‘light hat’ in your icon ;).

    Open up your [name of project]info.plist file, and create a new entry:

    ‘Icon already includes gloss effects’ = YES

  • Thank you for getting back to me. And yes it would, I have done the majority of the work abroad on Dapp. Thought it would be cool to be able to take it with me. Oh well, Dapp has still saved me days and days of pain. I appreciate it. But for the last two? 😛

  • For returning rows.

    You’ll need to show me exactly what you typed for that line, as that may be where the error is.

    return 10;

    should work fine.


    Depends on your array of ‘cells’. You’ll come up with an error if the index is out of range.

    Try this:

    if ([cells count] > 0) {
    return [cells count] – 1;
    return [cells count];

    Oh! By the way, the number of rows is that ‘return’ line. 😉

  • Figured it all out. Thank you so much! It looks great! A few more tweaks and I am submitting the app! =D

  • Cliff, I ended up just deleting the code for that extra row. Changing it to 10 caused a unused variable error although it still launched. But then the scrolling of the table was messed up, couldn’t reach the last row anymore.

    I tried to change the font to the same color as the background “fffff” Lol…
    Caused a crash when you tried to scroll down to where it would be.

    • Sorry Victor :(.. doesn’t work with storyboards.

      I made Dapp as a tool to quickly build code that didn’t rely on interface builder.

      Partly because I didn’t want to learn a new tool (Interface Builder) and because I’m a control freak that likes to have complete control over his code/objects :S… :P.

  • Is there a way that I can integrate the iPhones camera- if not could this be something implemented in the future?

    • Hmm… integrate the iPhone camera. *scratch*

      You’ll have to give me an example :)… my brain has started to wither away in it’s old age :S.

  • For example, you see apps that let you press a button which loads up the camera enabling you to take a picture from the built in camera on your iPhone/iPod and do various things with it such as email it/ geotag it etc…

    • Ah… hmm… that’s actually a really good idea, and is easy to implement.

      Only prob is you’d need to be handling the return image yourself.

      Thx Anonymous dude ;). I’ll add that to the todo list!

  • I am trying to make the tables generated by DAPP editable by the user. I have used the following code in the View.m file

    – (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView commitEditingStyle:(UITableViewCellEditingStyle)editingStyle forRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
    if (editingStyle == UITableViewCellEditingStyleDelete) {
    // Delete the row from the data source.
    [tableView1CellData removeObjectAtIndex:indexPath.row];
    [tableView deleteRowsAtIndexPaths:[NSArray arrayWithObject:indexPath] withRowAnimation:UITableViewRowAnimationFade];
    } else if (editingStyle == UITableViewCellEditingStyleInsert) {
    // Create a new instance of the appropriate class, insert it into the array, and add a new row to the table view.


    The table does not respond. Any advice on how to implement this?, Can future DAPP versions generate a user editing function for tables?

    • Sorry mate, missed this one.

      Hmm… try [myTableView setEditing:YES];

      Basically it might be occurring because you haven’t set your table into editing mode. But truly need more info to answer this one ;).

      Might wanna check out Stack Overflow for more info.

      Future Dapp versions can do anything :)… *scratch*… editing function ‘could’ be setup, but then there is the big question of what you want to do with the rows when the user edits them.

  • Just wondering if it’s possible to change font, colour, and leading to different text in the same text field. Hope that makes sense, haha.

    Loving this app!

    • hey there ;).

      Hmm… yes, yes, no.

      Hope that makes sense ;).

      Jokes aside, font yes, colour yes, leading to different text in same field??. * scratch *, not 100% sure I getcha question, but I’m gonna say no. 😛

      • Fantastic!!

        How does one go about changing the font and colour? Would it be done through Xcode?

        Im rookie at this, haha.


        • Hmm… either way. You could do it in Dapp or in Xcode.

          Just export whatever control as code and then have a quick look at it.

          You’ll see the settings in code for changing font and colour.

          Just replace with your own :).

  • Are you planning to include social and location based features? Or could you do a tutorial to include features from xtify or urbanairship (as you did for layer)? as you know this is hot right now and your help will be appreciated. Thanks

    • Right now my focus is supporting you guys :).

      And as part of that I’m looking to build a team to get more features out faster.

      But in answer to your question, I’d love to throw the kitchen sink at Dapp 😉 (including social and location based features)

      All in good time. 😉

      • Thank you for the prompt reply 🙂
        Approx. what date do you have in mind for the SoLoMo features? 😉
        Also, if I purchase the Iphone App and ypu launch an iPad App, will I have to pay twice?

        • No idea about SoLoMo features, when I get to that point I’ll be asking you guys what you want ^^

          Yep! I’m an evil corporate bastard that will force you to pay twice so I can support my family ;).

          Yeah, iPad version needs to be built separately, it would do my head in converting it over to a universal app and would get real complex :S

  • Just starting out and I have a project I want to design a app for. I am a long way from using all the right terms so please except my apologies. I want to create three pages that simply display data I am trying to send to the iphone through the ear phone plug (analog data). I want to display realtime data on it. Your ap looks like it will help me just get it laid out the way I want on the phone but how do I get it into a text box field or table?

    Thanks for any direction, Dan

  • i brought dapp and its the same as dapp lite the front screen has projects instead of design like in the video its all different get back to me it doent make sense

    • Sorry about the confusion 🙁

      Designs = Projects.

      In a recent update, I changed ‘Designs’, and called them ‘Projects’ instead as it made more sense. 🙂

  • Hello,

    First, I used the Dapp Lite version to make an app. I want to use that app with Dapp Pro version which I bought. How can I import it to the pro version?


    • :).

      1. Go to settings in Dapp Lite and export a backup of your data.
      2. Then use iTunes file sharing to drag a copy of that backup to your desktop.
      3. Finally, drag the backup into the home folder for Dapp using iTunes file sharing and use settings from within Dapp Pro to import your data ;).

      If you need any more help, just contact me at and I’ll take you through the steps ;).

      PS: Just added this to the FAQ on the site :)… (Under Support in top menu)… few more detailed steps in it ;).

    • Sorry man, I don’t know of any way of running Xcode on a PC.

      Apart from going through all the trouble of running Mac OS X on your PC, and I have no idea how to do that :(.

      The only advice I can give is to pick up a Mac Mini, which is what I did when I first started coding on the Mac.

  • Tried the tutorial, got as far as changing the text on the tableview and the train went off the tracks. Is there an update of some kind somewhere to explain how to use the new version.

    • Figured it out, but wasted a couple of hours. I love the app. How about user-submitted video tutorials? I’m not ready yet, but could be in a couple of weeks.

      • Sorry man :(.

        Yeah, moved text into ‘sections’, so that the app could support more features for tableviews.

        Wow, a user submitted video tutorial would kick ass, I’d definitely put it up.

        thx man.

  • Hello. I was wondering if it’s possible to get an application from one OS device to another? I want to take an application made on an iTouch and put it on an iPad instead. Could you help me try to do this, or would I have to flat out re-create the application?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Hi Cliff,

    I double click on a text field, and the keyboard pop’s up. How do I dismiss the keyboard in xcode?.

    • You could take the easy route and set textfield.userInteractionEnabled = FALSE; in the code, but then user can’t interact with textfield.

      The other way to do it is to add a UITextFieldDelegate protocol to the view, and then add in the ‘textFieldShouldBeginEditing’ delegate method and then use [textfield resignFirstResponder] within that method.

      Basically this means the code hides the keyboard before it is shown, or another way of explaining is that the textfield responder (keyboard) is hidden.


  • I just want to be able to take a picture of numbers (from IPHONE camera)
    or Use record my voice in entering numbers (Convert audio to text)

    take the text

    login to a secure website

    add text numbers in a cell box

    hit enter

    Repeat same process over and over and over….

    Applescript to IPHONE
    Dapp ?

    • Sorry man :(, but Dapp won’t be able to do all of this for you.

      You’ll be able to setup the layout and the navigation but not the features you mention of recording voice, taking picture of numbers or taking text to login to a secure website.

  • I am trying to make dapp view webpages using the option but it only will view apples webpage when i change it it wont show up pls help me cliff

    • Ack, sorry bout that :(.

      Actually sounds like a bug… but just had a look at Dapp now and couldn’t reproduce it… ack..

      Hmm… could you send me screenshots? (… as it might just be a lost in translation thing :)… thx man.

  • Is there a iPad version? Just picked a iPad2 for development for dirt cheap and would like to use dapp. I already have the iphone version.

    • Sorry man, not yet :(.

      Actually going through the steps now to look at crowdfunding to raise the cash to build an iPad version :)…

  • Hello, I have another question. How do I get rid of the little toolbar at the top of the application when we go into live preview? It’s the one where if you click on a button to go to the next page it allows you to go back one. It’s blocking parts of the screen and I don’t want it there. Thanks again for your help!


      • Cliff – great app – I’m about to buy. I’ve been developing on iOS for about a year, but this looks like a great tool to whip out some prototypes quickly. Nice job. I have the same question as Patrick and am feeling dumb, because even after your response I don’t see the option. I’m using 1.4.1 and the only option I see in the ‘Project Options’ view is TabbarController On|Off. I’m assuming this is what you’re referring to. Is this a Dapp PRO only option or am I looking in the wrong place?

        • sorry man :(.

          Might have been my choice of UI on how to setup Tab Bar Controllers.

          Go to project options, select the tab bar controller property.

          In that property, you will see a list of ‘pages’ that you have setup.

          Just tap each page that you would like to be included in the tab bar.

          The order of ‘tabs’ is dependant on the order you select the pages.

          You can then customize what the ‘tab’ for each page looks like by going into the pages you selected and update the tab bar property in ‘page options’ for that page.

          It should be in both Dapp and Dapp Lite ;).

          • I was actually referring to the “Navigation Controller” option you originally responded to Patrick about. In Dapp Lite which I installed on my iPhone the option isn’t there. The Export features are also not there (as expected). All I see underneath the Tab Bar Controller table section is “Project Export with Dapp PRO” and the option to upgrade – there is no “Navigation Controller” cell in there.

            I did end up buying Dapp then, and installed it on my iPad. I do now see the Navigation Controller option in the “Project Export” section of the paid version. I’m all set now that I bought it, but this might be helpful for someone else looking for the option in the Lite version.

  • Hello!

    I was wondering about TextViews….So they work perfectly when I have them on my app. It automatically scrolls the text I put there…but When I test it out in XCode, when someone tries to click/scroll my textview it brings up the iphone keypad. I am unable to test my app on a real phone (through XCode) because I don’t have a license but is this just a XCode problem or will I need to find a new way to display a big chunk of text? (I don’t want the keyboard to show up).


  • Hello there again Cliff! It has been a while!

    So my app was denied, Apple says I need more iOS functionality in it.

    I would like to start by adding background images to my table view.

    Everywhere I read how to do this, people say to put the required code in the “viewDidload” area on the viewcontroller.m files. I do not see “viewDidload” anywhere.

    Btw for future reference, what is that area called?

    So you understand:

    Splash Screen > Home Screen (10 celled table). I would like to put an image there. > Subcells > subcells etc. I can figure it out, but im guessing the “viewDidload” area is missing because of the way it came out of Dapp. So, how about it!? 😀

    • ‘viewDidLoad’ is an optional UIViewController delegate method.

      By adding it to your viewcontroller.m file, you can do custom actions when the view is ‘loaded’.

      Hmm… but basically, this is generally put in wherever you are creating the ‘tableview’, whether it be in the ‘init’ method or elsewhere.

      Yeah, coding convention says that loading views programatically should really be done in the ‘- (void)loadView’ method.

      ‘- (void)viewDidLoad’ is there to do additional setup after loading the view, typically from a xib.

      But, when creating a view hierarchy programatically, without using a xib, they yep, ‘- (void)loadView’ is what Apple recommends you use.

      All that being said, you could load views in viewWillAppear, viewDidAppear, viewDidLoad etc. etc. etc.

      They are all just delegate methods that are called during the different stages of a view loading itself and presenting itself to the screen.


      Dapp-wise, just update your tableview load method and add in the code needed to display your background image.

      Example of what code to use can be found at:

      Note: Dapp actually loads views from the init method and uses pointers instead of delegates for when views need to communicate with their parent view controller. I’ll be updating this in next update to use delegates and also for the view controllers to load their views from within the ‘loadView’ delegate method, instead of init.

      My bad for doing it that way in first place 🙁

      • Thanks Cliff! I got it!

        I have a few other questions – Is this possible?

        I have set three pages, I would like for the user to be able to ask a question (I have included a text box for them to enter the question). Once the question is entered, (So once the user presses return) I would like to push to the second page. Which is just an image with a message and a busy indicator. Then would like after some time to switch to the third page where the answer will be displayed.

        Is it possible for me to communicate directly to the app? For example :User ask question, I receive it via (email?), I answer back and it populates in the app like chat? Or will I have to answer through the users email as well? Seems simple enough if so.

        So can the app send emails? lol…

        Thanks Cliff, and I understand if any of this is out of the scope you wish to reply.

    • One more thing – Email reminders of when you actually reply would be amazing! You are one of the most useful people I ever met on the net, I love Dapp! I tell all my friends about it. Sadly none of them are as adventurous as me, but hey! Once I start making money with apps, they will buy Dapp ;).

      • Gah!!! too many levels deep! Create a new thread ;).

        Nope, sorry bud, no email functionality within Dapp.

        Hmm… cool thing though is that when using email, all you are doing is leveraging the framework Apple use – MFMailComposer.

        Actually quite easy to set one up too, just do a search online ;).

        As to the other code-related questions, yes, everything you said can be done.

        But please, save my poor sleep deprived brain and ask the question on StackOverflow :)…

        You’ll actually get a bunch of much more detailed replies than I could provide ;).

    • Wow, that’s a reserved title. Why did you use that one? ^^

      Email me directly and I’ll get you back on track, but I’ll need some more info on what you can and can’t do.

      All good, worst case scenario I can get into your data and fix this for you.

  • Hey, can Dapp make an app of ANY categories such as gaming and video viewing?

    Sorry, I’m new to all of this 🙁

    • I wouldn’t use Dapp for making games, as UIKit is horrible for animation and performance :(.

      Because so much is happening in a game.

      I personally used Cocos2d when I made games, but you can use whatever.

      Don’t know if there is a code-free platform for games :(, although that would be cool :).

      I’ll have to make that.

      Videos are easy to do, I actually posted a tutorial on it and showed how new version of Dapp will do the code for you.

      But until then, you can rip the code from the tutorial and use that as a base :).

      It’s the latest tutorial – the Movie Player Preview one 😉

  • Hi Cliff! Dapp is phenomenal! I wish I had seen it two weeks ago, before I hired someone to code for me from scratch. I’m going to buy this for my next app project!

    One thing I can’t find is how to change the color of a text button, for instance making a “Delete” button just as can be found on an Action Sheet. Btw, I also can’t change the button color in the action sheet, but that might be too much to ask for.

    • The ‘standard’ button type doesn’t have much flexibility I’m afraid :(.

      The advice I generally give out is to create a button, set the button type to ‘custom’ and use your own background image for it ;).

      Hmm… maybe I can extend the ActionSheet object to give more options for the style of button – thus giving you that red delete button look as well.

      I’ll add that to the todo list 🙂

  • Hi

    I am just getting up to speed with Dapp and it’s great. I would like to really understand what all the parameters do e.g. In TableView the Attributes of Grouped or Cell Accessory or Deprecated.

    I know I can just play with the different options to see how they look, but I was wondering if you had anything written down or in video format which would help me understand all of this a lot more quickly?

    Also, once the demo has been created, is there a way that I can share it with other people so they can actually use it and give me feedback as a prototype? This would be way more valuable than just sharing a pdf with them. I haven’t been able to work out how I would do that yet…. I would not want to launch it publicly on Appstore until it had been tested.

    Many thanks in advance!!

    • Hey Julia,

      For vids, there is a bunch of them in the Tutorials section, just use navigation up top to get there ;).

      For finding what parameters do, I faithfully kept the names of them to match what Apple use.

      So for example just do a search in google for –

      UITableView Class Reference

      And you’ll get a link to Apple page that describes each property :).

      Ignore the deprecated section, that was for earlier users of Dapp to not lose their data when I shifted over to using a more detailed version of ‘sections’ for tableviews.

      Yep! Easy way to get other people to use it and that is to export it to code as per usual, and then go visit a site called

      It’s free and lets you share your app with others :).

  • Hi Cliff,
    Dapp looks great!
    Has the movie player object been removed?
    I’m trialling the lite version and I can’t find the movie player and I’m following your video tutorial.
    Any help appreciated 🙂

  • Hi,

    i have create some interface and have problem inserting all the files into Xcode 4.3.3.

    can someone provide a guideline? the previous tutorial uses old Xcode version which is hard to follow.


  • Superb app 🙂

    I could use an option to integrate with the iOS calender, like an in app (dapp) option to create a jump-to-calender button or simply make a page (frame) containing the default calender.

    • Hey mate ;),

      Integrating with the calendar would be a nice update ^^. I’ll add it to the todo list ;).

      In the meantime, I’ve used an open source library in the past called kal calendar that allows you to work with a calendar object.

      Worth checking out 🙂

  • hi Cliff,

    Great app. Is there a Dapp version that will support generating android code as well? I am looking for a good android app code genrator, just like you did for iPhone apps. If Dapp doesn’t do it, can you recommend any good tools for me? I don’t care where the tool would run, web, iphone or android but the end result should be an android project that I can upload into Eclipse and do further development.

    Thanks, Sam

    • Sorry man :(, I’m not really versed up on android apps =/.

      But an internet search brought up a product called Andromo that will gen java code for you. 🙂

      Might be worth checking out.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to import an image object?

    i.e. if I want to have a circle (or draw a circle), is it possible?


    • There is an option to export rounded rectangles, so theoretically you could get a circle shape if you set the rounded corners to a high enough setting :P.

      But no, sorry mate :(, no in-built option to create circles.

  • Uh, forgive my ignorance, but what platforms does this run on? I can’t see myself seriously working on creating apps from my Apple 4s!

    Joe C.

    • On the iPhone :). I use Dapp myself to create the initial wireframes before I jump in and start adding in more code.

      Feel free to try the free version of Dapp (Dapp Lite) to see if it is viable to create apps on your iPhone 4s. 🙂

  • hey Cliff,
    I want to have an image change to a different image when touched, and back to original if touched again. Maybe a box with a background image that would change when touched? I’m pretty sure this is possible but can’t find out how to do it. I would really appreciate the help, being this is my final step in completion of my app. THX!

    • Best way to do this is with a UIButton, and update the image for the state –

      – (void)setImage:(UIImage *)image forState:(UIControlState)state;


      [myButton setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”MyImageNormal.png”] forState:UIControlStateNormal];
      [myButton setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”MyImageSelected.png”] forState:UIControlStateSelected];

      That being said, I’ve added this to the list of features to add in future versions :), would be nice to be able to do this in the Dapp UI. 🙂

  • I have just downloaded the latest update to DAPP (v1.4.1) but I do not have the new “movie player” available to me ?
    How can I get it ?

    Also? I just ran my latest version of code on the iPhone Simulator (5.1)
    And I get an error stating that the selected destination ( iPhone 5.1 Simulator) does not support the architecture for which the selected software is built ” ??????
    I am running Mac OS X 10.8

    Please let me know what’s going on.

    Many thanks in advance !

    • Sorry man :(, get caught up with everything else going on.

      Contact me directly if you are still having any problems and I’ll help troubleshoot you through it 🙂

  • Hi Cliff:- Great App for designing !!! And My question is How can I send live Moke up to the clients ?

    • Pretty important feature, unfortunately I’m sorry to say that when I built the app, this wasn’t even on my mind =/.

      There is a backup feature, which you could use to share all your projects, but not just a selected project.

      I’ll get this in as soon as I can put together the resources :).

  • I am upgrading from an Iphone 4s to 5. Will I be able to transfer my current project which I have on my Iphone 4s to the 5? Please advise!

    • 🙁 – Dapp isn’t iPhone 5 ready yet. Working on this atm – although yeah, you can still export project and then bring over to iPhone 5 and import the backup.

      • Can you tell me more about moving projects to a different device? I currently have a project on an iPad and would like to move it to my new iPad mini. I’m very new to all of this so if you could be kind enough to give me step-by-step instructions, I would be most grateful.


        • :(, Apple men in big black suits made me remove the backup feature. Sorry :(…

          Actually currently looking at ways I can get it back into the app and keep them happy… Dropbox or iCloud sync was a big plan of mine, hmm… need to get them on the phone ^^.

          In the meantime, you’d be looking at using an application that could copy all the contents of your Dapp folders over onto your iPad mini. Which would solve the problem for you :).

          Don’t know of any applications on Mac or PC that I could recommend sorry :(, but a quick search should find something for you to use.

  • :(, Apple men in big black suits made me remove the backup feature. Sorry :(…

    Actually currently looking at ways I can get it back into the app and keep them happy… Dropbox or iCloud sync was a big plan of mine, hmm… need to get them on the phone ^^.

    In the meantime, you’d be looking at using an application that could copy all the contents of your Dapp folders over onto your iPad mini. Which would solve the problem for you :).

    Don’t know of any applications on Mac or PC that I could recommend sorry :(, but a quick search should find something for you to use.

  • Hey Cliff, I’m working on yet another excellent app. So very happy to have found the DAPP. A quick question – is there a way to externally link? I am making a marketing app for my business, for patients to book appointments via the app and also get their health insurance verified, etc – I wanted to make a page that references my apps. The icon of my apps are “buttons” in DAPP and I want to link to the iTunes store hosting the download of the app. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in DAPP. If all else fails I can just make a page with the web page embedded but that shoots the user off to the itunes store automatically. I was just hoping to bypass that middle man step. Best, Candice

    • Create a button, and create a push action that points to a random page.

      Then once exported to code, find the ‘Action’ method and replace the content of that method with –

      [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@””]];

      Replacing the URL with where you want to send users of course :).

      • Hey Cliff, I have been able to export flawlessly, per usual, into Xcode 4.2. I am having an issue with running the app to test it on the simulator and my device. I am getting this error

        “Cannot run on the selected destination: The selected destination does not support the architecture for which the selected software is built. Switch to a destination that supports that architecture in order to run the selected software.”

        I have tried to change the IOS Deployment to 5.1 and also to 6.0, then changed the simulator accordingly. I still get the same error. My Architecture in the build settings says “LATEST IOS (IOS 6.0)This is a first for me. Any thoughts?


  • Hi Cliff,
    After exporting to xml and copying files ect. I try to run but get the following message: “Cannot run on the selected destination”. Can you help me?

    • Sorry 🙁 – I’ve had this issue come up with another user and I couldn’t work out what was causing it.

      It’s strange because Dapp just exports code files which don’t have anything which should be causing something like this.

      I’ve also not been able to find any resources online of similar problems :(.

      Have you since managed to get it working?

  • Hey there, Cliff!

    I’ve only just started using Dapp, and I’ve finished my first project. It’s very basic with only about 6 pages, and I’ve set all the buttons to do what I want them to do. I’ve exported the project as code (in the zip file) to my computer, and had a look online on how to change it into an ipa. When I rename the .zip to .ipa, it changed perfectly, but when I place it into iTunes it comes up with an error stating that the app is not valid. I want to submit the app to iTunes. Do I need a .ipa to submit, or do I simply hand Apple the zip file? Is the exported zip file ready to be a complete app?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Zip files are just zipped version of the code files.

      Tutorials available on how to get them up and running in Xcode.

      But yeah, steps to create app are to use Xcode, then create archive of the project to send up to App Store.

      The App Developer portal includes everything you need to step through this process :).

      Not the simplest process in the world, and took me a long time personally to work it all out – but it’s gotten easier, and now Apple have step by step instructions available for everything you need to submit to app store.

  • Hey Cliff,
    Great app. I have developed great mockups in Dapp Lite. I have just bought Dapp. How do I transfer my mockups from Dapp Lite to Dapp so that I can generate PDFs and export to code?

    • Two options

      1. Contact Apple and petition them to let me put back in Backup/Restore feature – they made me take it out :(.
      2. Find an application that lets you copy folders direct from Dapp Lite to Dapp on your iPhone.

      Not sure if this application can do it –

      Or maybe this one –

      Dapp will read the same folders as Dapp Lite, so if you can find an app to copy over everything correctly (where files stay in their folders) then it will work fine 🙂

      PS: Let me know if you find something to do it, as I’d love to share info with other users.

  • Hi Cliff congratulations for the app it’s giving me a kickstart to app dev, I’ve attended a course here in Milan for IOSDK basic dev but there’are a plenty of open issues and most of all I’ve always a doubt on “how to begin!!”.
    I’m working on 2 apps now, one is a simple double counter (button – label ++). could you suggest me the best way of saving the situation of the 2 lables (points and rows) when the user exits from the app. The app will contain 5simultaneous projects with the 2 labels (5 UiViews ). thanks a lot

  • Dear Cliff,

    Thank you for the great app.
    I have a problem here,I did an app on Dapp and after exporting to xcode, first all images has long name other than the one that i already use on dapp, and second some buttons changed their size.
    I am trying to fix that on xcode but couldn’t be able to change the name into another, I tried to keep the long name and wanted to add another image with the same name but this time for @2x, when testing on simulator, it’s not showing the high resolution “640 X 960″ it’s giving me the “320X480″ only.
    please help!

    • Yeah, images have a long name because you can’t have the same name for images :(, they need to be unique.

      Generally if @2x isn’t working for images, it’s because the names aren’t exactly the same… but yeah, by default Apple will look for the @2x version for any image when using retina display.

      Also make sure you’re using retina device in simulator :).

      As to buttons changing their size… Not sure how this is occurring?… Are there some steps to replicate this issue?

  • Hi Cliff,

    Just wondering if you ever plan on releasing an iPad version of Dapp as well? 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • I can do better than that :).

      Currently working on a Universal version of Dapp.

      Have already done the initial setup to support iPad screen size, and just am now working on the UI/UX and design before finishing it up.

      Big storyboard feature I’m also working on right now, which will prolly be done in 2 or so weeks. With universal version out a month after that.

      And yeah, I’ll be charging more for Dapp, but existing users get it all for free of course ;).

  • Yeeaaay! I really waited for an universal version, building iPhone apps on an iPad is way better than on an iPhone ! Next an iCloud feature with an OSX client maybe?

    thank you

    • Way ahead of you.

      Next is storyboard exporting.

      Then iPad.

      Then web version.

      OS X Version is a bit too close to what Apple does with XCode + Storyboards anyways… and a web version would allow PC users to also use Dapp :).

    • I was going to add Dropbox support into version after this one just coming – but with OS updates, I’m thinking with iCloud being free and all at 25GB that this is the better option ^^.

      Universal version wireframes will be put together while we work on Dropbox (or iCloud) update with implementation to happen right after :).

  • Can’t waitfor the next updates. Are you going to make an android version? There is nothing like this on Google Play. It would be awesome. I also love the connections idea you had.

  • Hi Cliff,

    I don,t like to have the NavigationBar on my every page and it seems like not working if I put a custom NaviBar on a page… It shows the original NaviBar still…
    Is there any solution for this by now?


    • Go to project options and scroll down to ‘Project Export’ section.

      There is an option there which allows you to turn off the Navigation Controller – which will allow you to have your own custom Navigation Bar on each page.

      Let me know if there are any problems or it doesn’t work for you and I’ll get it fixed :-).


  • Hi DAPP people!
    I am having a problem when I am trying to turn my project inot an app can you send me some instructions on how to do that or make a video for the public?

    I am also having a problem when I try to send my mom an email of the PDF of my my project. It keeps on adding these additional pages that have a square for a picture and a space for notes. Why is this, and what is it soposed to be?

    If any of these questions of problems could be caused by not having the fully upgraded one, that’s the problem but if not I would like a solution if possible. Thank you!


    • You’ll need to upgrade to full version for export to code feature :).

      After that, just need to follow the steps provided by Apple for sending to App Store.

      Regarding those squares in PDF, that’s just spaces I created so you can add your own written notes :).

  • I purchased Dapp the app creator last week. I am having trouble with export to XCODE. When I unzip the files and double click on the XCODE project file it does not open. I have tried this with Drop Box also.

    Thank You,

    • Hey Gary :).

      I’ll assume Xcode is installed ;).

      But yeah, what happens when you right click and choose to open in Xcode?

      Or if you open Xcode first, and then select the project to open from within Xcode?

      Let me know!


  • Hi I want to buy this app but I want to know if it is compatible with iOS 7 and XCode 5

    Thank you!!!

    • It is :). Feel free to download the free lite version if you want to take Dapp for a spin.


  • Question. Love the app but it looks like it has not been updated with the latest iOS keyboard and features. Will this be updated?

    • Sorry for that =/,

      We’ll get to work on updating those immediately :).

      Please feel free to get in touch around feature requests or wish lists – as we’re currently also in the planning stage for our web version of Dapp.

      Thanks! 🙂

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